TP-LINK : Router manufacturer forgets to renew gateway domains

TP-LINK, a manufacturer of router hardware, has apparently forgotten to renew two of its domains.

The domain names and are used by TP-LINK router owners, to configure their hardware. They expired and are both parked, and available for sale.

These domains are printed in the TP-LINK manuals and even on the router’s guide sticker on the back.

Using a domain name to forward to a local network address for configuration purposes, such as is a common practice among router manufacturers.

TP-LINK started replacing the domain with, which is registered to the company. The matching .com is not.

While the lapsed domains are not causing any problems to TP-LINK router owners, they can most definitely be bought in the aftermarket and used in a phishing scheme or other abuse.

Moral of the story: when registering such domains for customer use, use the automatic renewal function at the Registrar of choice.

TP-LINK is a router manufacturer.

TP-LINK is a router manufacturer.

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