UNNJ.com : Flippa sold the .com version of the ‘fake university’ .EDU !

Almost 5 months ago, the domain UNNJ.com sold on Flippa, for $415 dollars after 41 bids.

It would have been yet another LLLL .com at the time, if it weren’t for the matching .com of UNNJ.edu, the domain used by the Department of Homeland Security for a recently unveiled sting operation involving a scheme for allegedly paid student visas.

The spillover traffic from UNNJ.edu to UNNJ.com must have been significant, as the sales price exceeded that of an average non-Chip four letter domain at the time.

UNNJ.com is currently listed for sale at Afternic, and the landing page displays – ironically – educational links. After all, UNNJ stood for “University of Northern New Jersey.”

With UNNJ.edu unmasked as a “fake university,” one would have to wonder about the loss in value for the .com.

Students involved in this wave of revelations over the use of UNNJ.edu as the URL for a fake university, point out that UNNJ.edu was even listed on the official page of the State of New Jersey, approved by the Office of the Secretary of Higher Education!

That page has now been edited.

UNNJ.com - Sold on the spillover traffic the .EDU commanded.

UNNJ.com – Sold on the spillover traffic the .EDU commanded.


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