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YOLO! DNForum opens its gates to teenage domainers

Teenager domainers will now be accepted at DNForum. YOLO!

Teenager domainers will now be accepted at DNForum. YOLO!

DNForum, the #1 domain name forum for professionals, is having a drastic redesign scheduled for the end of June.

No longer catering just to middle-aged domainers that are often prone to engaging in grumpy exchanges, DNForum is now opening its gates to the YOLO generation, teenager domainers.

“I was like, NamePros is cool, dude, and like, sold domains and stuff there, man, but OMG! DNForum is actually kickass!” said Stan “Jimmy” Perkins, who goes by the moniker Bl3x0r on other forums.

Adam Dicker’s 180-degree turn on membership acceptance comes on the heels of a recent major redesign at NamePros, which changed the forum skin colors. Dicker plans to allow teenage domainers access to his Domainer High School, a step below Domainer University.

“Flipping domains isn’t fun anymore, I want to learn how to use the Google tools and keyword matches and stuff,” says Stan Perkins, while playing Bio Shock on his xbox. “I used to think DNForum is crap because you have to pay for membership and NP rules, dude, but like, I wanna be grown up someday in domains, and YOLO! I know, right?” added Perkins.

Adam Dicker will require all teenage domainers to provide a signed affidavit from their custodians, parents or other adult; they will also receive discounts for Dicker’s affiliate sites that provide products for acne treatment.

July will be a hot month in domaining and forum activity, YOLO!

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