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Availhosting – A spamming web hosting company


I’ve had it with these guys, so decided to present their act. Availhosting is a web hosting company that attempts to advertise via comment spamming.

While spam blocking plugin, Akismet, stops theses comments short of being published, the continuous attempts of Availhosting.com to promote their web hosting is getting ridiculous.

Availhosting seems to have employed some idiot SEO ‘company‘ that uses bots that crawl blogs and web sites, posting comments advertising Availhosting.com

It’s a shame that despite my complaints at Web Hosting Talk – the world’s largest community about web masters and web hosting companies – Availhosting continues their comment spam on a daily basis.

I would never recommend a web hosting company that uses this spamming method, the way Availhosting does!

Below is a screenshot of the latest comments sent from various IP addresses and using various aliases, to promote Availhosting via spam comments.


Availhosting spams comments constantly.

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