Trolling the trolls of domaining

When we delivered the story about Credit.Club and its amazing hand registration, we were not prepared for the trollfest that’d follow.

Eager to spew venom, dozens of uneducated newbies questioned the validity of the registration, urging each other to dig deeper into the story.

The problem was, the story delivered the facts: it was indeed a manual domain registration, for $10.99, as the domain *was* available.

There was no hidden agenda by its registrant, domain developer Bruce Marler, and definitely no intentional promotion by the dot .CLUB registry behind the incident.

And yet, the ever trolling newbies carried on, even when large media such as the Register, Sky News and Yahoo UK picked up the news of our coverage.

So we trolled the trolls, and it was the best promotion ever for the registrant and the .CLUB Registry – not because we designed it.

Domaining is an industry that allows even people with petty feelings and an agenda to question the success of others.

And that’s ok, because delivering the facts – and trolling the trolls – is the best way to cut through the white noise they generate.

Keep calm and troll on.

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