Scandalous? 26 year old domain lost via the UDRP process!

Registered in 1991, the domain is 26 years old; its loss via the UDRP process can be considered shocking, or even, “scandalous.” Complainant is C.V. Starr & Co., Inc. / Starr International Company, Inc. that registered the STARR mark with the USPTO in 2011. That’s 20 full years after the domain was registered! […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. : Savvy arbitration panelist does the right thing in domain UDRP

The owner of the aged, generic domain was served with a UDRP and despite being in Hong Kong, he defended his domain. Unlike many other domainers who happen to own quality, generic domains but fail to respond to UDRPs,  Chung Kit Lam of La-Fame Corporation filed an official and timely response. The Complainant in […]

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Domain terror : Owner “blows up” ancient .com domains

Old domain names are a heritage to the world, and the Internet as a whole. Despite efforts to preserve a portfolio of domain names registered between 1985 and 1990, the unthinkable has happened. Outraged by a recent turn in international politics, domain investor Selim Mehmet Admin proceeded with the forceful deletion of these domains. “Innocent […]

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Aged web sites arrive at the Flippa market in droves!

If you love ultra-aged domain names as we do, Flippa is the domain aftermarket of choice, currently. Generally speaking, aged domains are those registered at least 10 years ago, and when they come with an active web site – preferably, generating money – so much the better. Flippa announced a select few aged web sites […]

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NameJet: One more reason to become a verified domain bidder

NameJet attracts many domain bidders for its exclusive stash of domains from Network Solutions; these aged domains are inherently more valuable than domains that dropped. Competition among bidders on NameJet can vary, but typically it goes into the upper hundreds and well into the thousands. At that level, one must be a verified bidder in […]

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Newb domainers: Deleted domains aren’t “aged” or “17 years old”

A post proclaiming that the domain name is “aged” and “17 years old” caught our attention; its seller pointed us to in order to justify this inaccurate claim. Buyers that are being told a domain is “old” or registered in the 1990’s (or earlier) are strongly advised to take this type of sales […]

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Staggering domain collection turns up in France

A retired chocolatier and his wife have announced the availability of a rare, never before seen domain collection in France. Totaling 271 premium quality domains that date from 1986 until 1992, the most prolific era of domain availability, the domains are valued at a staggering $15+ million dollars. The chocolate maker who is in his […]

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