, other domains met reserve in Sedo Great Domains auction for March

Sponsored by Sedo* The Sedo “Great Domains” auction for March consists of 94 hand-curated domains, including LLL .com, LLLL .com and numerics. Among the best names are, and The latter, has hit reserve with the current bid at 6,000 Euro for this exceptional web hosting or design keyword, in the German ccTLD. […]

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Sedo : German “I” domain crosses $10,000 dollars in auction

This post contains sponsored content from* The German word for “I” is extremely popular, and the matching domain,, is part of the Sedo Great Domains auctions for February. is currently at 9,650 euro, which is about $10,250 with 3 days to go. The domain’s reserve has been met, so it’s going to […]

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Sedo : Great Domains auction features NNNN and dictionary .com domains

This post contains sponsored content from* Sedo sent out an “alert” about its upcoming Great Domains auction, a monthly domain auction of quality, featured domains. With such gems as,,,, and more, the Sedo Great Domains auction is expected to attract competitive domainers looking for a good deal. Price ranges, […]

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Evangelist dot Ninja : There’s a reason I cannot use NameJet

Sean Ottey, also known as “Evangelist Ninja” for Rightside, explains his function within the company: “Talking to the world about how to grow their business with new domain extensions and the readable web.” In the new era of the expanded Internet lanes, a corporate evangelist’s role is quite important; it’s not mere marketing or public […]

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West.CN auctions: Single digit domain 2.XYZ sold for how much?

Short, numeric domains in almost every TLD seem to be doing well, and .XYZ is no exception. Still, it’s a hit or miss, and it depends on the market conditions, particularly of the Chinese domain market. According to DNJournal, last year’s biggest single digit domain sales include 1.XYZ for $181,000 dollars and 9.XYZ for $170,000 […]

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NameJet to enforce opt out of the 60-day transfer lockdown policy

ICANN has been making the lives of domainers miserable; NameJet, the premium domain auction marketplace, relies on prompt domain transfers to facilitate sales. As a result, private listings of domains that are not expired, now have to accept a new set of terms and conditions at NameJet. In particular, private sellers now have to agree […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. : Ping-pong game between Sedo and NameJet generated crazy commissions is a domain that earned huge commissions for the auction platforms it was sold for, and it’s not the only such domain. Domain investors eager to generate revenue from the crashed LLLL .com market often sell them at a loss. A few weeks or months later, the market’s conditions can be more favorable. The […]

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Sprechen Sie Domainisch? Sedo about to auction 2-letter .AT domain inventory

Sedo and its partner, .AT Registry, are getting ready to auction a domain portfolio consisting of short and other premium .AT domain names. Often used as “domain hacks” or as URL shorteners, dot .AT domains represent the ccTLD of Austria. The .AT Registry provides domains globally, dating back to 1996 and has a solid reputation […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. : Domain auction bids surpass 1 million euro

Dietmar Stefitz, founder of Domaining Europe, shared some numbers about the ongoing domain auction, managed by According to Stefitz, domain auction bids have surpassed the 1 million euro mark, for a total of 134 domains with bids: Today more than €1.000.000 in bids have been recorded on 134 names. The highest bid on a […]

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Undeveloped : Domain auction of hand-picked domains goes live today

A list of hand-picked domain names begins its auction course today, May 24th until June 14th, as a sidekick to Domaining Europe., managers of the domain auction, shared with us the following information: “Undeveloped’s first curated premium domain auction has started! You now have the opportunity to get your hands on one of the […]

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Undeveloped : Domain auction extended by two weeks

Domaining Europe, the domain conference to be held in The Hague, The Netherlands, between May 29th and 31st, announced the extension of its auction by two weeks. Operated by Undeveloped, the premium domain auction will now end on June 14th. A large number of quality domain submissions, such as, &, and increased interest […]

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Domaining Europe 2016 : hosts domain auction

Domaining Europe 2016 will take place in The Hague this year, and they just announced a specialized domain auction. In co-operation with, several premium domain names such as,,, and more are now up for bids. Here is the full press release: AMSTERDAM – 23/03/2016 — The domain name marketplace Undeveloped […]

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