This is why domain trading is not recommended : traded for

Trading domains is not something that domain investors should engage in. The stolen domain,, was traded for, leading to a more complex situation. If, a stolen domain asset, had been sold for money, the loss would have been monetary and depending on the payment method, the funds could be retrievable. However, when […]

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Domain crime : Get your domains away from AOL, Yahoo and Hotmail accounts fast!

Global alert : Domain hackers are attempting to steal domains, where the registrant uses AOL, Yahoo or Hotmail accounts. There have been numerous instances of such attempts and even successful domain theft incidents that we’re aware of. Changing one’s managing accounts to secure free email providers such as Gmail or ProtonMail is the first step […]

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Domain crime : is a stolen domain name!

The premium domain has been confirmed to be stolen; anyone claiming to be in possession of it currently is the thief. How did this happen? The domain’s legitimate owner, Mr. Luo, is a California resident and for months he’s been pestered by a cybercriminal who gained access to his domain accounts. In a shocking […]

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Alert: is a stolen domain name

The domain name has been stolen, and its current registrant is under investigation. They allege that they bought the domain on a Turkish domain forum. Mr. Lloyd Joseph, of the Technology Group, a Virtualization and Cloud Solutions Provider in the UK, confirmed the theft with us yesterday. “It is a company asset, and we’d like […]

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A large number of stolen premium domains are being offered for sale, after the legitimate owner’s accounts were hijacked. As reported on NamePros, the following domain names are currently stolen: The WHOIS of […]

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Corporate crime : Domain stolen by former employee, at GoDaddy

Corporate crime by active or former employees often involves domains; in a new case involving GoDaddy as the registrar, a company’s former employee allegedly hijacked its domain name. Someone using the alias “NetSkopos” reported the following at the GoDaddy community forum: We had a now former employee seek out and discover our GoDaddy account info […]

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Black rice : Stolen domains concern the Chinese investor community

During the past two years, the proliferation of the short domain market in Asia and China in particular, generated millions of dollars in sales. The majority of those numbers come from sales of LL .com domains, but LLL/NNN .com and LLLL/NNNN .com domains also contribute to the sales volume. Chinese investors went “gaga” over this […]

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On ICE : Federal agents seize domain

The domain name has been seized by ICE – Homeland Security Investigations, pursuant to a warrant issued by a US District Court. The web site, operating on a domain registered in 2015, appears to have been providing products that were fake, replicas or otherwise unauthorized by the official airbag manufacturers. As part of the […]

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Alert : is a stolen domain name!

The domain is now officially stolen, and its owner wants everyone to know he did not put it up for sale. The domain thief is attempting to circumvent secure domain transaction venues, such as, and is seeking payment for via Bitcoin. That’s an indication right there for a sketchy deal! Mr. Gerard […]

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Warning : is NOT for sale; someone is impersonating the owner

The domain is not for sale, yet someone who claims to be the owner is seeking a broker to sell it on their behalf. Valuable three letter domains can fetch a high premium for brokers; using a third party to broker a domain that belongs to someone else can get domain brokers in very […]

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NamePros : PayPal refunded payment linked to fraudulent domain sales

Quite unsurprisingly, PayPal refunded payments for domains that were fraudulently sold, but not those sent as a “gift.” A massive new fraud incident that was squashed at NamePros, unveiled some interesting facts: About 80% of all fraud that has taken place on NamePros over the past couple years, which is still a relatively small number, […]

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The domain name has been confirmed as stolen, after its legitimate owner was contacted for further details. Eagle-eyed members of NamePros raised their concerns about the validity of statements regarding, in a domain evaluation thread. Someone claiming to have acquired for “less than $500” at a drop, used the domain hijacking method […]

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