Domain crime : is a stolen domain name

After several months of quiet time, Chinese domain registrar emerges once again as the registrar of choice for the transfer of a stolen domain name. The domain was stolen very recently, and was transferred away from Says its legitimate owner, who is based in Hong Kong: “I spent hours reading many articles […]

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Domain crime : Russian domain thief sold via GoDaddy auctions

Stanislav Khramov is a Russian domain thief with ongoing activities going back several years. While a full exposé is in the works, this post is focused on the theft of, a domain that was stolen from its legitimate owner, Mr. Daniel Goodwin, in early 2016. As with many other cases Stanislav Khramov gained access […]

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Alert : scam continues to seek potential victims with cheap domain “Chips”

A scam operating from, continues to seek potential victims among buyers of domain “Chips.” Priced well below market averages, the LLLL .com domains are being offered via email to various domain investors. There is no indication whatsoever that these domains are owned or brokered by the scammers behind, a domain with a fake […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. : Stolen domain taken from its Chinese thief via UDRP

A Chinese domain thief was forced to return the stolen domain via the UDRP process. Back in July, we wrote about the Portuguese company EDP – Energias de Portugal, S.A. filing the case; we correctly speculated that the domain, which had been transferred away to the Chinese domain registrar, Ename, had been stolen. In […]

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Cybercrime : Chinese domain thief continues political charades and anti-USA rhetoric

A Chinese cybercriminal who stole several domains from domain investor, Chris Goh, continued his anti-USA rhetoric and threats. Instead of showing remorse over the domain theft, the Chinese thief justified his crime as “payback” for alleged crimes that the USA has committed or is committing. “The people of the world have to see the United […]

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Domain transfers : ICANN about to crack domain crime with a sledgehammer

ICANN is getting ready to deliver a resounding blow to domain crime, by changing the domain transfer process, once again. Nine years after the latest rules of domain transfers changed, the new procedure complicates things for domain investors. No longer will a simple change, such as editing a letter in the name or address or […]

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Chinese domain thief : “USA is a bandit country”

A domain thief from China turned all political, making accusatory statements against the United States. Responding to the domain owner’s email about the stolen domains, the Chinese thief sent out a response full of anti-US sentiment (translated:) “The United States is a bandit country, the invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq, the Kingdom of Ryukyu, itself is […]

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Domain appraisal certificate scam with a new twist

The domain evaluation / certificate scam isn’t new, and it targets domain owners eager to sell their domains. The way the scam works is simple: You receive an email that expresses interest in your domain. Most of the time, it also mentions a high value dollar range, to entice you into believing the sender is […]

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Editorial : Scams, spam and stolen domains

September is upon us, time for the monthly DomainGang Editorial. It’s been an interesting year thus far, and Q4 of 2016 will help define many trends for next year. Several important new gTLDs are set to launch until the end of the year: .Games, .Blog and maybe dot .Web. If you’re either a “poor student” […]

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Recovered domain : is no longer stolen

Reclaiming a domain that has been stolen can be complicated; in the case of, the process involved GoDaddy and a Russian domain thief. As we reported in June, was stolen from a GoDaddy account and was transferred to one of Russia’s largest registrars, We can now report that is no longer […]

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DomainTools rolls out Domain Pre-Crime software add-on

DomainTools, the quintessential tool for domain research, is participating at Black Hat 2016, the security expo event – at booth #472. Today, second and final day of the infosec event, DomainTools is rolling out new research software addressing the issues of domain theft and cybercrime. “A lot of domain investors are familiar with Iris, our […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. : One of the earliest cases of ICANN-reported domain theft

Domain theft is a crime. Stealing domains amounts to removing a valuable asset that belongs to someone else, and it’s no different than stealing a car, for example. For many years, domain names have been stolen, and overseer ICANN does not currently offer the type of domain ownership record, or title, made available to owners […]

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