Domain King trumps over far-reaching UDRP

Rick Schwartz, the Domain King®, is preparing a massive legal salvo against, the Danish florist company challenging his premium domain name, Not only is Rick Schwartz prepared to successfully defend this aggressive move by the Danish florist company, he’s going on the offensive, and it’s already looking nuclear. What has Rick done so […]

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Twitter4Ever : Which is Rick Schwartz’s first domain name?

It’s official: Rick Schwartz will stay on Twitter for now, with no plans to return to active blogging soon, if ever. Despite what the majority of the Domain King®’s fans wished for, Rick’s commitment to Twitter – a medium that he took to actively since November – seems rather solid. Recent domain acquisitions, such as […]

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Rick Schwartz rolls out his .Tel domain; rises to the Google top results

Rick Schwartz announced today that he’s finally launched – a domain he registered in 2009. Dot .Tel domains act like contact cards, and their content can be customized with a variety of templates, but they cannot be pointed to regular web sites. This approach cost dot .Tel healthy numbers; dot .Tel has a little […]

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DomainKing.NG : Public Domain Registry will assist with locked down .com domains

Since early February, India-based registrar, DomainKing.NG, has been causing a lot of frustration to domain registrants using its services. A month ago, its founders were arrested in Punjab, India, and are being investigated into for a variety of alleged crimes; some, as serious as supporting terrorist activists’ domain registrations. After weeks of complaints on the […]

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Rick Schwartz’s domain went straight to China

Details about the recent sale of by Rick Schwartz emerged today, and the destination country for this short, numeric domain is none other than China. The domain had been in transfer for a few days, and the WHOIS has just now updated. Chinese bidding powerhouse, Golden Name, is shown as the new registrant; in […]

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Rick Schwartz : I’m also a domain collector

Rick Schwartz is back “live” on Twitter, and he’s been sharing tidbits of domain wisdom that can fit in 140 characters – hashtags included. 😀 Many of these tweets by the Domain King® describe his position on gTLD domains, the power of .com and the necessity of companies to own their brand as a .com […]

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Bad domain karma : NiRA pulls the plug on Nigerian registrar, DomainKing.NG

Nigeria’s Internet Registration Association (NiRA) has pulled the plug on DomainKing.NG, suspending its services. The Nigerian registrar with direct ties to India, has been the focus of an Indian police investigation, after its founders were arrested earlier this month. On top of fraud allegations, potential ties to support of terrorist activities are under investigation. After […]

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DomainKing.NG : Indian company’s Nigerian customers in limbo for two weeks

DomainKing.NG, allegedly the top domain registrar in Nigeria, has failed to provide basic support to its Nigerian customers, for the past two weeks. Based in Punjab, India, two of DomainKing.NG’s officers were arrested earlier in February on a variety of charges. Pune City police arrested the DomainKing.NG founders on fraud charges, but the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism […]

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Domain Sunday : The Domain King® acquires

“Fake news” and “fake media” are controversial subjects in today’s global politics, and the Domain King®, Rick Schwartz, has acquired one such major related domain. In what appears to be a rather quick flip by HugeDomains, was just recently sold to Rick’s domain-managing company. was registered in 2003 originally, but its British owner […]

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Rick Schwartz in 2017 : Won’t stop investing in domain names!

Rick Schwartz, the Domain King®, might be retired from active blogging but he’s never been busier registering domain names. The TRAFFIC conference founder created a “20 year plan” and successfully completed his goals, having sold millions of dollars worth of domain names. Is Rick retired from domain investing? Heck, no! 😀 We often look into […]

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In September, our exclusive report that the Domain King®, Rick Schwartz, had sold was confirmed by DNJournal, where the selling price was quoted at $1,368,000 dollars. Without any doubt, it was a price that matches the value of popular, adult industry terms, such as videos in the “XXX” realm. Since then, was pointed […]

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Late last year we speculated that the Domain King®, Rick Schwartz, had sold the domain The main reason for this was that was pointed to, a sister company of The latter operates on a budget of several billion dollars, and naturally, a domain such as would be a great asset […]

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