Nude domains : Media Options sells “nude” domain hack

Domaining in the nude might be an option for some. Media Options has apparently sold one of its best domains,, and the transaction is currently in escrow. The German ccTLD offers a nice opportunity to form words or phrases ending in “de” and in this case, that word is “nude.” 😀 Domain hacks often […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. : The Castello Brothers’ former domain gem

DNJournal broke the news about being acquired by BrandIT, for an undisclosed sum. While this exchange involves a fully functioning business that includes officers, employees and inventory, the domain has an interesting side-story. was sold to the domain brokerage by the Castello Brothers a few years ago, for an undisclosed amount. We […]

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Chinese domain market report : China might not be #1 after all

China might not be numero uno, after all. The world’s second largest economy is a fast-paced, growing consumer market operating on the Chinese “Communist Capitalism” model. And yet, there are indications that India, another fast-growing economy, is in fact more populous than China. In a shocking report, Yi Fuxian, a University of Wisconsin-Madison academic, says […]

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Chinese domain market report : Selling ice to the Eskimo won’t work in China

There’s a reason why the old saying, “selling ice to the Eskimo” still holds plenty of cold water. Domain investors selling to each-other, especially when it’s a trade between buddies promoting auctions, can only get one that much money. The market gets saturated with the product and prices drop – simple as that. Gone are […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. : Domain appears to have been sold

Ultra premium domain name,, has entered escrow and appears to have been sold. Registered in 2000, has been in Chinese hands for a while; the new registrant is most likely in China as well. The domain was owned by CBS Interactive for many years, until it was sold some time in 2015. There […]

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Domain blast : Future Media Architects sold

Future Media Architects has one of the most sought-after domain portfolios; the brainchild of domain investor Thunayan K. AL-Ghanim (Elequa) is top notch. Gone are the days that Elequa wouldn’t part ways with any of his premium domains. In recent months, FMA has been liquidating its 4L .com domains, particularly those that are “Chinese premium” […]

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Did Ashanti PLC sell to Russian arms manufacturer?

Last year, we noted how Russian arms manufacturer, Kalashnikov, was branching into fashion. That news, led us to discover that the domain was in the possession of Ashanti PLC, a Hong Kong corporation. Fast forward to news about how Kalashnikov plans to seek registration of its brand and trademarks in the US and Europe, […]

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Domain sales : Does it help if your avatar looks hot?

Many accounts on domain forums make use of an attractive avatar, preferably female and non-identifiable. There’s a reason for that, it seems. It’s one thing if you use a known celebrity, such as Angelina Jolie, or Leonardo Di Caprio, to project both beauty and strength. It’s another, to fully indicate that you are that other […]

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AutoBytel : $2.2 million dollar valuation of domain

Autobytel, an automotive media and marketing services company located in Irvine, California, acquired the domain in 2015, as part of a larger $25 million acquisition of Dealix / Autotegrity. The domain’s valuation in this sale, was uncovered today: $2.2 million dollars. Canadian domain investor and sleuth, George Kirikos, dug out the reference to the […]

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NamePros & NameThreads data mining : Most members not in favor of scraping domain sales

An innovative software product by, seeks to provide a better search engine for domains for sale at NamePros. The third party service is not affiliated with the domain forum, and describes its mission as follows: “Easily search all the domains for sale in We have well over 100,000 domains in our database. Domain […]

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Chinese domain market report : Credit card worthiness system to slow down investors

Domain investors in China, take notice: a new credit card worthiness system is taking effect soon, and it has the potential to affect the Chinese domain market. Initially rolled out for 16 occupations such as public servants, real estate agents, tour guides, lawyers, teachers and pharmacists, the credit rating for trustworthiness will eventually expand to […]

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