Jesus is getting ready to save NameJet

Jesus H. Christ has been chosen as the most appropriate entity to save NameJet from current problems, according to a report. Representing a wide range of domainers who are seeking a catharsis for a recent “domain shill bidding scandal,” the Messiah was appointed to oversee the external audit process. “Jesus will be impartial, honest and […]

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RIP Google Instant Search : Google kills instant search results!

Google has ended the instant search results “as one types” – the feature was called Google Instant Search. Instead, only suggestions show up, and one has to select one of them or just finish up typing their query before getting any results back from Google. According to Search Engine Land, Google representatives said: “We launched […]

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Domain security : DomainTools rolls out Threat Profile in beta

DomainTools is rolling out Threat Profile, a new security tool that identifies domains that can be used for phishing, malware or spam campaigns – before that happens! This type of “Minority Report” utilizes heuristic algorithms that can efficiently crunch through data, and allocate probability of malicious use to domain names, quite accurately. Sounds a lot […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. : Formerly stolen domain has been recovered was stolen a few days ago, and the domain has been recovered – but not thanks to any registrar activity. Although NameSilo, the current registrar, has been in touch with GoDaddy, the losing registrar, to reverse the transfer, it was through the domain owner’s bravado that the domain was returned. An over-confident thief agreed […]

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Cyber-extortion and ransomware : Verisign publishes white paper

Verisign and its security division has published a white paper on ransomware and cyber-extortion, a prevalent source of Internet crime. The 12-page ebook covers the aspects of ransomware activity, a “nightmare scenario” and explains why standard protections alone are not enough. An excerpt below: Cyber extortion is an increasingly prevalent threat to today’s online-enabled businesses, […]

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Alexa Raad of Architelos moves to Farsight Security as COO

Alexa Raad, founder of now defunct Architelos, has been appointed to Farsight Security as its new Chief Operating Officer (COO.) According to the company announcement, Ms. Raad is a “tech entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience, Ms. Raad has a successful track record of growing revenues, scaling organizations, and developing new markets in […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. : Domain seized by ICE contains video about counterfeit goods, a premium “Chinese letters” LLL .com domain is in the hands of Homeland Security Investigations (ICE). The domain was seized in 2010, long before the Chinese mania for domains without vowels or the letter “V” started. Prices for such letters have skyrocketed since, although in recent weeks they have fallen back substantially. Back in […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. : Marketo domain was renewed by non-owner at Network Solutions! is the domain of global application creators Marketo, and they let that domain lapse. On July 23rd the domain expired, taking the web site and its related content offline. Realizing what had happened, self-professed computer geek, Travis Prebble, headed over to Network Solutions, registrars for the domain. Just two days past expiration, Prebble had […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. : Lawsuit by United Airlines delivers blow to exposé web site is a Canadian web site and an anagram of United; for that purpose, it provides information about nefarious activities related to the airline. For almost 20 years, has collected and shared complaints about United Airlines and its practices. predates United Airline’s own web site by almost two years. In 2012, following […]

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Nvidia GTX 970 settlement : Your check’s in the mail

Almost a year passed since graphics card giant, Nvidia, settled a class action lawsuit against its GTX 970 product. The company reached an agreement with the class late last year, and the judge awarded damages to the class. Distribution of the settlement checks started this month, and for each Nvidia GTX 970 purchase that was […]

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Health portal WebMD to be sold for $2.8 billion dollars

Health information portal, WebMD, has agreed to a sale of its assets, valued at $2.8 billion dollars. Private equity firm, KRR, will be paying a 20.% premium on the WebMD stock price. The sale will take WebMD, which had an IPO in 2005, to the next operational level, as it manages 75 million monthly users. […]

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Dot .Study catapults to the top of “The World’s Most Abused TLDs” for July

Malware activity monitor, SpamHaus, tracks the number of bad domains spewing out spam, for every TLD. It then calculates a “badness ratio,” based on the number of registered domains among the domains seen, and it ranks the TLDs, creating “The World’s Most Abused TLD” list. Last time we checked was in May, and dot .Science […]

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