NameJet drops pricing to $39 for some domain backorders

NameJet announced that it’s dropping the price of some domain backorders to $39 dollars. Normally, the price is $69 dollars, so that’s a considerable discount. According to the latest news from NameJet: “While most of the domains on NameJet still start at $69, you will likely see more and more domains starting below this amount. […]

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Njalla : A privacy-aware domain registration service wants to save Catalonia

Njalla is a domain registrar based in Nevis – an island in the Caribbean – and they aspire to be a different type of domain name registration service. According to their web site at, the registrar protects its customers from “ferocious domain predators.” “Njalla was started because we couldn’t find a domain name service […]

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Non-com sightings : Scoot runs great on a .CO domain

Keeping track of non-com domains “in the wild” is entertaining and fun at the same time; many such web sites are submitted by DomainGang visitors and readers. This time around, we’re sharing a .CO domain, Scoot.CO, that is a company offering electric scooters that can be rented out for a ride around the city. According […]

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Registered a hurricane Irma domain? Free returns are now possible

GoDaddy is now accepting the cancellation and refund of domain names registered during hurricane Irma. Dozens of “hurricane Irma” domains were snatched by enterprising domainers before and during the devastating hurricane that engulfed Florida. Most of these domains have no real use whatsoever. “We’re be issuing refunds for the next 30 days, if requested,” said […]

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Toys ‘R’ Us potentially in Chapter 11 : What generic domains do they own?

Toys ‘R’ Us is reportedly in the process of filing a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, with a debt of $5 billion dollars. The retailer has 1,600 stores and has been working with an investment bank to address a debt of $400 million dollars due next year. Securing such a loan would reassure the Toys ‘R’ Us […]

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The domain was challenged via the UDRP process at the WIPO. The Complainant is Instagram, LLC of Menlo Park, California, and there is no doubt that INSTAGRAM is by now a famous trademark. The domain was ordered to be deleted, because that first letter isn’t an “i” but an “l.” This type of visual […]

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Following domain account leaks, registrant publishes own personal info

Following the massive leak of a registrar database with more than 600 billion domain names, a domain registrant took the matter in his own hands. Simon Dalfur wants to show the world that there is no privacy left in this digital world we live in: “Names, passwords, secret words and pins were all compromised, along […]

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Fiesta Maya NSB : Dot-Com domains “in the wild” with a Mexican flavor

Numerous businesses, whether small or large, rely on a good old-fashioned .com domain to expand their online presence, along with a Facebook page. We often come across such “in the wild” instances of .com domain usage, and we share them with our readers. Today it’s been a relaxing day, spent mostly at New Smyrna Beach. […]

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Equifucked – Most creative domain name, after massive Equifax data breach

We’ve been following the massive Equifax data breach scandal closely; after the news was announced, dozens of related “Equifax domains” were registered. Some are in the hands of Equifax to protect its brand, but others are used as potential phishing tools. It’s understandable that many consumers in the US are anxious to secure their information […]

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Frank Schilling’s laptop photo leaked sensitive info about Topcoin ICO

Frank Schilling attended Web Hosting Days – USA – in Las Vegas last week, and naturally, posed for a photo op with other participants. The Uniregistry founder smiled at the camera multiple times, and in one instance shared the stage with domain industry professionals, Aaron Pace and Raymond King. In that photo, Frank’s laptop is […]

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A scandalous data breach at Equifax affecting millions of consumers has exposed personal information, including credit card numbers. The credit reporting bureau scrambled to provide a search feature and information about the incident, but things aren’t looking good. Today, Equifax stock dipped to $90 dollars per share, down from $143 in August, before rising up […]

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Brands And Domains 2017 : Agenda of The Hague conference released

The 2nd Brands And Domains conference is coming up, and will be taking place in The Hague, on October 2nd and 3rd, 2017. Brands And Domains is an annual conference dedicated to dotBrand registry operations and future applications. It offers numerous opportunities to exchange and discuss key topics, best practices, research and analysis with the […]

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