Ali Zandi drops 1500 domain names – guess the TLD!

Domain investor and broker, Ali Zandi, has taken investment risks before; he often shares his successes and failures as part of his commitment to transparency. In a recent exchange on Twitter, Zandi stated he had just dropped more than 1500 domain names: “The PURGE: 1500+ domains… #deleted. Feels good. Can you guess the TLD?” Wow. […]

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Pokémon GO : SnapNames launches new Augmented Reality drop-catching service

Tapping into the lucrative Augmented Reality market, SnapNames is expanding its drop-catching services to the gaming industry. The company announced the launch of SnapKemon ™, an AR app designed to integrate with the popular Pokémon GO. “Many employees at are now taking extended lunch breaks, and while we’re a progressive company, wanted to […]

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.CLUB dropping domains now available on SnapNames

According to a notification email sent out by drop-catching service, SnapNames, they are now offering the dot .CLUB inventory at their drop: SnapNames is now offering .CLUB dropping domains. Here are just a few reasons the industry is calling .CLUB the most popular new domain extension: #1 in usage, .CLUB has the most live sites […]

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It seems crazy, but LLL .com domains – the “hard currency” of domainers – are still expiring and dropping, more than a decade after the last freely available one got registered. In the late 90’s and very early 2000’s, domain investors from the US and Canada, registered the last remaining combinations of three-letter .com domains. […]

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Frank Schilling and his Domain Lists

If you have been watching the timeline since last night, the ongoing argument is who has the bigger, longer and uncut domain list. Instead of partying on a Saturday evening, some people actually argued about whose list is the most well-endowed. [Insert *Roll eyes* emoticon here]. While domain lists are important, they lose their […]

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