Ethics before awards: George Hong politely declines #domain broker of the year nomination

Ethos, a Greek word associated with a person’s core values, defines one’s professional activity as well. George Hong, founder of China-based domain brokerage,, won the award for best domain broker, last year. The award was presented during NamesCon 2017, and with this year’s NamesCon conference approaching fast, George Hong made a stunning announcement: […]

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JB .com : Two letter .com #domain sold to #Chinese buyer

The premium two letter domain,, has been sold, and the new owner is from China – not Justin Bieber! Registered in 1995, was in the possession of Domain Capital until recently; it currently moved under the control of The company is an active domain broker in China, operated by domain investor, George […]

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MERGE! 2017 : Chinese market analysis and Rick Schwartz makes a cameo appearance

Rick Schwartz established a virtual presence at MERGE! 2017 in Orlando, Florida today. During the Chinese domain market session, one of Rick’s popular quotes was presented by founder, George Hong. The related PowerPoint slide can be seen below, both in English and Chinese. The Domain King’s quote reads as follows: “Domains would go up […]

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Guta : Domain brokerage selling exclusively, the domain brokerage company founded by Chinese investor and entrepreneur, George Hong, scored another exclusivity., a top tier, generic domain name, is being brokered by Guta exclusively. The seller and current registrant appears to be a Chinese individual located in New Zealand. George Hong announced the availability of on social media, and […]

Copyright © 2018 · All Rights Reserved. domain changes hands in China; eight figure sale possible

The premium two letter domain,, changed hands in China recently, and it could be a massive sale. According to Chinese domain investor and broker, George Hong of, it’s quite possible that the transaction involved “eight figures:” “ switched hands lately in China. Someone thought it might be an eight-figure sale in CNY, what […]

Copyright © 2018 · All Rights Reserved. domain : Chinese pinyin for Bitcoin sells for six figures USD

The three letter .com domain,, is Chinese pinyin for “Bitcoin” – BiTeBi. According to domain investor and founder, George Hong, the domain recently sold for more than $150,000 dollars. “A domain investor from China just acquired (acronym for Bitcoin in Chinese), which might cost him over 1M CNY!!” NameBio has recorded a […]

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Chinese domain market report : FMA, West.CN and current LLLL .com sales

Our previous post about quoting article sources hit a positive nerve with West.CN, and they promised to link back to those articles from now on. “We promise we will post your website URL in the articles from now on, Hope you don’t mind and you can check it later.” That’s great attitude and response from […]

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Chinese domain market : George Hong and Giuzeppe Graziano meet in China

The Chinese domain market is booming, and two fun guys of the domain industry finally got together. George Hong, founder of and Giuseppe Giovanni Romano Graziano of, met in China. George made some positive predictions earlier this year, regarding the future of the Chinese domain market during the year of the Monkey. Here […]

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Chinese domain sales : Don’t panic about China’s economic slowdown

In recent years, the Chinese economy expanded like a universe built of very thin galaxies; the end result is, that it more often contracts than expands. Unlike the Bing Bang, economies fall back into their core, collapsing into a small mass, only to – hopefully – expand once again. No worries about the Chinese economic […]

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Chinese domain sales : [ INSERT FAVORITE PREDICTION HERE ]

Many prophecies about China’s domain economy have been circulating lately. The numbers are clearly written on the wall, and it’s not in pinyin: falling prices, lower sales volume. Ergo, a deflation that reflects the overall state of the Chinese economy, all while the Asian financial effect echoes itself onto the Western stock markets, that dropped […]

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Chinese domain investor George Hong : Predictions about the Year of the Mon(k)ey

It’s already New Year in China, and the Year of the Monkey might as well be the “year of the money!” Chinese domain investor, George Hong, founder of the highly successful domain brokerage company, lays out his domain investment predictions for the new year. New Chinese Investors and Capital will be drawn to domain […]

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Did sell for $16,000,000 dollars?

Speculations are running wild about the sale of, a perfect, round number; the domain was sold by telecom giant Vodafone to Qihoo 360 Technology Co Ltd in China. The buyer, ‘upgraded’ their brand from 360.CN to the globally recognized dot .com equivalent. George Hong, of – a premium domain investor and brokerage firm […]

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