NamePros seller offers the most expensive domains in the universe!

What is the most expensive domain ever sold? Although the list of the most expensive domains contains some dubious entries that might include additional assets, the numbers max out at $35 million dollars. Domain investor, George Kirikos, believes that was sold for an astounding $872 million dollars, but there is no official consensus for […]

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Sedo : 20 two letter .com domains currently for sale!

Two letter (LL) .com domains have a special place among all short domain categories. Because all single letter .com domains were not – officially – allocated, LL .com domains became the Golden Chalice of domain investing. And why wouldn’t they be? With only 676 available combinations of letters, two letter .com domains have skyrocketed in […]

Copyright © 2018 · All Rights Reserved. : Wishful thinking when sending out press releases about the value of domains

The game of “wishful thinking” among promoters of domain auctions started with the categorization of as a “$30 million USD domain.” This pompous reference to about to become the priciest domain name in history came with no supporting evidence from industry experts; the latter would include professional domain brokers or established domain auction […]

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Biggest domain sale of 2012 to be revealed?

The biggest domain sale of 2012 has not been revealed yet, and for good reason: the seven figure mega-transaction is facing a hefty amount of paperwork. “At this point, we are still under an NDA and the buyer is wrapping up the final details,” said Zico Platz, of Platz & Schnauz Investments GmbH. The German […]

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