Jesus is getting ready to save NameJet

Jesus H. Christ has been chosen as the most appropriate entity to save NameJet from current problems, according to a report. Representing a wide range of domainers who are seeking a catharsis for a recent “domain shill bidding scandal,” the Messiah was appointed to oversee the external audit process. “Jesus will be impartial, honest and […]

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Poll results : NameJet still a trustworthy domain sales venue

The poll results are in, and most domain investors whose corporate sponsors include NameJet, fully trust it as a domain auction venue. Out of 244 blogs and other content publishers in the domain and entertainment industry, NameJet advertises at 101; of that number, 95% believes NameJet is doing a great job with transparency and reliability. […]

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Shill bidding : NameJet suspends accounts, announces changes to domain marketplace

NameJet has announced immediate measures to ensure the domain marketplace remains a destination of choice, following allegations of misconduct by a number of sellers. Effective immediately, several domain bidding accounts have been suspended, and the full measures can be seen in detail below: Shill Bidding Update And Platform Improvements Friday, July 21, 2017 Jacksonville, FL […]

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Bots for domains : NameJet “shilling scandal” fizzling out

The alleged “domain shilling scandal” identifying an active group of NameJet sellers and bidders as “shillers,” shows signs of fizzling out. Domain auction platform, NameJet, has yet to come up with an official final statement about their investigation; meanwhile, three parties involved have stated their side of the story, among more than 40 pages of […]

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Domain Memes : The Shillbid Redemption

Domain Memes is a section on DomainGang where we poke fun at various current events in the domain industry; quite often, to emphasize important, funny or extraordinary elements of domain investing in a meme. Today’s subject is the published allegations of bidder misconduct (“domain shill bidding”) at NameJet, and while the investigation is ongoing, one […]

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Two letters : fails to sell at NameJet

Premium two letter domain,, failed to sell at NameJet earlier today. Priced with a reserve at between $600,001 and $700,000 dollars, the premium, ultra-short domain attracted a total of 185 bids from 178 bidders. Of those bidders, 5 made bids in the six figure range; the auction for ended at $535,000 dollars. NameJet […]

Copyright © 2018 · All Rights Reserved. : Epic battle ends at NameJet

The domain was just auctioned off at NameJet; the winner is niko63, with a bid of $3,155 dollars. That amount of money buys a lot of Greek olives! It’s not a secret that Greek olives are world-renowned for their quality, nutritional value and flavor. While Kalamata olives are mostly marketed in the US as […]

Copyright © 2018 · All Rights Reserved. : From a $$$ NameJet auction to the hands of Google

It must be great getting for $710 dollars on NameJet, and reselling it to Google months later. Google is now using as its AI project for automatic drawing learning. One gets to draw doodles on the canvas, and the AI software attempts to convert them to commonly identifiable shapes, offering suggestions as well. […]

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Evangelist dot Ninja : There’s a reason I cannot use NameJet

Sean Ottey, also known as “Evangelist Ninja” for Rightside, explains his function within the company: “Talking to the world about how to grow their business with new domain extensions and the readable web.” In the new era of the expanded Internet lanes, a corporate evangelist’s role is quite important; it’s not mere marketing or public […]

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NameJet to enforce opt out of the 60-day transfer lockdown policy

ICANN has been making the lives of domainers miserable; NameJet, the premium domain auction marketplace, relies on prompt domain transfers to facilitate sales. As a result, private listings of domains that are not expired, now have to accept a new set of terms and conditions at NameJet. In particular, private sellers now have to agree […]

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Poll : Is the new NameJet fee of 2.5% for most payments unreasonable?

NameJet announced that along with the introduction of PayPal and Alipay as payment methods, they are adding a 2.5% fee for all electronic transactions. The fee will be introduced on December 14th. The introduction of a 2.5% fee might seem unreasonable, at first. But is it so? Excluding bank wires, that means buyers spending $100 […]

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NameJet adds PayPal and Alipay as account funding options

NameJet, the premium domain auction marketplace, has announced that PayPal and Alipay can now be used as account funding options. These funding options will be available from December 14th onwards. At the same time, an administrative fee of 2.5% will be charged for all payments made with online methods, the exception being bank wire transfers. […]

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