NameJet adds PayPal and Alipay as account funding options

NameJet, the premium domain auction marketplace, has announced that PayPal and Alipay can now be used as account funding options. These funding options will be available from December 14th onwards. At the same time, an administrative fee of 2.5% will be charged for all payments made with online methods, the exception being bank wire transfers. […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. : Ping-pong game between Sedo and NameJet generated crazy commissions is a domain that earned huge commissions for the auction platforms it was sold for, and it’s not the only such domain. Domain investors eager to generate revenue from the crashed LLLL .com market often sell them at a loss. A few weeks or months later, the market’s conditions can be more favorable. The […]

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NameJet announces new ticketing system for its domain auction platform

NameJet has announced that a new ticketing system for support is in effect, released today. The ticketing system is utilizing the Salesforce CRM. Here is the announcement from NameJet: “Today, we’re happy to announce the launch of our new Support Ticketing system. This update will result in faster response times and easier management of tickets […]

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North Korea to list its 28 domains on NameJet

A technical fiasco unveiled all 28 domains currently registered in the .KP ccTLD, and North Korea is taking drastic measures to address the embarrassing leak. “He who betray honor of supreme leader, Kim Jong-un and spirit of blessed Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, will die painful death,” said Kim Zing-pong, Internet propaganda minister for the […]

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Frank Schilling & The Robot : NameJet domain bidding explained!

Today we bring you an exclusive insider’s view of Frank Schilling‘s bidding processes on NameJet. One of the most popular domain aftermarket and auctioning platforms, NameJet attracts seasoned domain investors and end users alike. It is not a secret that like most domain entrepreneurs, Frank Schilling operates an active account on NameJet. Frank shares with […]

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NameJet : Domain is dropped from 25,000 ft in obvious publicity stunt

When you drop a domain from a high altitude, does it survive? That’s the question that domain investor and skydiver, Luke Raikins, asked himself many times in the past. During the weekend, in a coordinated publicity stunt with drop-catching service, NameJet, Raikins had his question answered. “We flew up all the way to 25,003 ft […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. hits almost six figures at NameJet

The ultra-premium domain,, hit almost six figures at NameJet earlier today. Registered in 1995, was auctioned on NameJet with a reserve price, between $75,000 and $100,000 dollars. After 100 bids from 93 bidders took a stab at the auction, the domain’s closing price didn’t meet reserve, despite finishing with a $93,500 bid. The […]

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Why I ate a bucket of Nutella while on NameJet

Using NameJet to sell domains is a nail-biting experience. Let me tell you, I wasn’t this nervous when as a teenager my best friend’s mom made me a man. Watching bids blink across the screen one after another, from NameJet giants such as “First” and “TwoTwo” made my stomach clench. As a domain investor, it’s […]

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Domainer game : NameJet now allows Xbox account logins!

Since its early days, NameJet pioneered the domain auction marketplace with the use of visible bidder usernames. Unlike places like eBay, the ability to see your competition’s “name” established NameJet’s leading role as an open platform to acquire premium, aged domains by bidding. Now, NameJet is taking the popular domain platform even further, with the […]

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NameJet : Bidder ‘first’ wins $1.5 million dollar auction of domain

Can’t beat this guy! The NameJet bidder alias “first” won the bidding war for the domain Long associated with an unbeatable bidding record, user “first” on NameJet is in fact a Chinese group of bidders, pooling their cash. The NameJet auction for the domain attracted 189 bidders, and while some entered the auction […]

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Yikes! SnapNames now powers NameJet drop-catching

For those who like their peas and carrots separate and not mixed up, this isn’t great news. SnapNames announced that it will be powering the drop-catching services for NameJet, in a joint platform. In other words, one does not have to bid on both NameJet and SnapNames, in order to increase their chances of catching […]

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Was really sold on NameJet?

About a year ago, XYZ Registry founder, Daniel Negari, made an unprecedented announcement. As a display of solidarity to his own brand, he listed his very own .com domain,, for sale via the NameJet auction platform. Mike Berkens at The Domains wrote extensively about the auction, which closed at $1,800 dollars according to NameBio. […]

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