Chinese domain market report: Zhou Youguang, father of pinyin, dead at 111

Zhou Youguang, the creator of the Chinese pinyin system, passed away in Beijing at the age of 111. Zhou was an economics professor in Shanghai, when the government asked him to to quit his job and join a national committee to develop a new alphabetic writing system. By 1958, Zhou and his colleagues had created […]

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Chinese economy news : Great days ahead for savvy domain investors!

The Chinese economy, driven by numerous corrective actions lobbied by domain investors from Hong Kong and elsewhere, is now back to Bullish days. Overnight, trillions of dollars in lost and otherwise misappropriated funds have miraculously returned to China’s economy as if nothing happened. “It’s like waking up from a bad dream, your pillow all wet […]

Copyright © 2018 · All Rights Reserved. : Another two letter .com in Chinese ownership

The two letter .com domain changed ownership recently, and it’s quite possibly yet another sale. According to WHOIS changes, the domain was owned by British company Abstract Solutions in the past, and as recently as in May it was brokered by Igloo. The current contact information is that of Chinese ownership. Due to the […]

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Chinese domain market : Hitting the breaks as the yuan drops against the dollar

Last week’s depreciation of the Chinese yuan against the mighty American dollar signaled trouble ahead for the Chinese domain markets. While a 3% adjustment was just a fraction of the appreciation the Chinese currency has seen in recent years, there are signs of further downwards adjustments ahead, to the tune of 10% or more. This […]

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