Is Trump At Mar-a-Lago, Florida? This domain name will tell you

Donald Trump has been going back and forth between Washington and Mar-a-Lago in Florida, where his exclusive club is. The presidential trip costs approximately $3.6 million dollars every time, according to a Governmental Accountability Office report. Is Donald Trump At Mar-a-Lago currently? A new web site, will tell you, and it seems that so […]

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Make Trump Tweets Eight Again .com : Have some fun with the President’s twitter account

Donald Trump’s presidency provides plenty of opportunity to the media and content creators to stage opinions and explore creative ways of protest. While the Donald Trump organization safeguards negative terms about Donald Trump, there is a vast range of opportunistic domain registrations available. One such domain is that provides a web browser plugin that […]

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Hashtags vs. Domains : gets registered a day after video goes viral

A brilliant video covering Donald Trump’s tweets as if they were lyrics of an “Emo Trump” song, led to the registration of the .com. Not even a day later, the domain name got registered, although it’s just parked on a generic page lander for now. It shows the current trend for readers of social […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. : Who owns the Donald Trump “Russian dirty laundry” domain?

Russia has threatened Donald Trump with “kompromat” and domain entrepreneur, Frank Schilling, owns the matching .com domain. Kompromat (Russian: компромат, short for компрометирующий материал) is the Russian term for compromising materials about a politician or other public figure. Whether this type of political sabotage works outside of Russia, remains to be seen. So far, the […]

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Political domains : Who caught ?

Political domains continue to attract attention, all while this US election year is coming to an end. With Hillary Clinton failing to become the next US president, focus is changing to alternate public figures, one of which is Michelle Obama. The first lady and wife of two term president Barack Obama, is extremely popular among […]

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What domains has Rick Schwartz been registering after elections ended?

Domain investor, Rick Schwartz, went on a political domain registration frenzy, prior to and during the US elections. The Domain King’s support of the Republican party was expressed in the range of domain registrations, and also via the “Make America Great Again” cap he wore, on his recent visit to the Caymans. We love you, […]

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“Trump sucks” : Which such domains are owned by the Trump Organization?

It’s been a tumultuous election year, and the Donald Trump legacy extends beyond politics. As focus on Donald Trump emerged to shift to business ventures such as the Trump University, the organization’s role is to also secure those domains that are related to the occasion, and could pose a threat to the name or business […]

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Domain politics : Final batch of political domain registrations by Rick Schwartz

Elections are over, thank goodness, and now we can all focus on domain investing. Rick Schwartz ramped up his political domain acquisitions in the days before and during the US presidential election. Taking a brief trip to the Caymans, the Domain King posed in his trademark “Make America Great Again” hat, alongside Uniregistry founder, Frank […]

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Clinton wins : How much is the matching .com domain listed for at Afternic?

Presidential elections take place in the US tomorrow; Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will battle it out across America, as the two most controversial candidates in recent memory. While political domains can be considered an investment for some, there is no set rule regarding their value. Take for example, the domain; its owner wants […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. : What was Frank Schilling’s valuation of it?

Donald Trump’s motto for the US election has been, “Make America Great Again,” and the .com owner believed she hit the jackpot. Since the media campaign failed to register, its current owner, Rosa Max, attempted to present bipartisan content on the web site. The practice confused many Republican visitors, who expected to see Donald […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. : Domain auction ended at Flippa

The domain name was auctioned at Flippa, attracting 8 bids in total. In August, the highly political domain was listed in an ad at the Wall Street Journal, seeking $2.5 million dollars. With that in mind, it’s not surprising that the final bid at Flippa, at $26,000 dollars, failed to reach the reserve. […]

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Rick Schwartz’s ever-expanding list of political domains

A refreshed and ever-focused Rick Schwartz emerged recently in an interview at The Domains. The Domain King® has been scraping the Urban Dictionary for jargon terms that are popular; at reg fee, such domain registrations can produce a generous return on investment! At the same time, Rick’s passion for political domains is evident. The political […]

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