All 26 single letter .IO domains are taken, but are they being used?

Owning a single letter domain in any TLD can be both useful, and pricey. Single letter domains can cost millions of dollars to acquire, and many registries hold onto them until later on, to sell individually or via auctions. The dot .IO Registry operates the ccTLD for the British Indian Ocean Territory, and not without […]

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Unidonuts(tm) : Domain Registry to give away hundreds of short letter domains

With gTLD domains expanding the lanes of Information Superhighway, one’s dream of owning a really short domain (RSD) can become a reality. Everything comes at a price, however; in particular, single letter domains are retained by domain registries like gold nuggets. “People realize that there is a value in short domain names, and especially single […]

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It looks like an innocent sale, but the German government is ready to intervene, once it’s confirmed that Sedo and Denic are auctioning the domains,, and There’s plenty of speculation that the buyer of all these four single-letter .de domains will attempt to combine them and form a word that is […]

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