Stolen #domains and squatters : Confusion about the obligations of a registrant

Domain names are digital assets that depend on a basic act of maintenance: they must be renewed in order to be kept. Even to this day, domain registrants fail to grasp that concept, and often act shocked when their expired domain is re-registered or acquired by another party. By failing to pay its renewal fee […]

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Rebecca J. Burns, previous owner of the domain and founder of ComQuest Designs, has come forward in social media, claiming that her domain was stolen. A few days ago, we were informed that was taken away from domain investor, James Booth, who said he paid $26,000 dollars to acquire it. The story so […]

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Warning : and have been reported as #stolen #domains

The premium domains and have been reported as stolen by their legitimate owner, Motohisa Ohno. Mr. Ohno was recently made aware of the theft, which occurred in June 2017. The domains were moved away from his eNom account without any notification. “L5.COM and XGK.COM were stolen from my Enom account in June, 2017. […]

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Stolen #domain listed for sale on #Afternic

Update #5: The domain appears to have been sold without the authorization of its previous owner, Rebecca J. Burns. New article here. Update #4: The owner of ComQuest Designs who registered 22 years ago, denies that she sold the domain to James Booth. Her statement from Facebook follows: “my domain, which i created […]

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#Domain scammer in MCV .com theft case used grocery store address!

A domain investor was defrauded by a serial scammer, who used a false identity and payment location. Mr. Stanley Chen acquired from a person called “Patrick Sitrok” but the domain was stolen, and Network Solutions eventually repossessed it. How did Mr. Chen fall for this scam? Months earlier, he had acquired the domain […]

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Corporate crime: Don’t fire your employee before you secure your domain assets

A domain was reported stolen at GoDaddy, after a company’s former employee took control of it and changed the password and even the account’s PIN. The distraught business owner, shared his plight on the GoDaddy support forum: I own a business with my family name and As well as a work email and website. An […]

Copyright © 2018 · All Rights Reserved. is a stolen domain that belongs to photographer Rolfe Horn

The domain is stolen, and it’s an asset that belongs to a famous photographer, Rolfe Horn. Strangely, it was recently involved in a UDRP case filed by an Australian fitness company, F45 Training Pty Ltd, that tried to acquire it from the current registrant, for $15,000 dollars. The only snag: the seller, Oleksandar Shapoval […]

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Sedo removes stolen domain from its marketplace

Sedo removed the stolen domain,, from its marketplace, and terminated its auction. As we reported yesterday, the owner of reached out to us with information about the domain’s unlawful transfer away from Dotster, to Spanish domain registrar, Nominalia; the owner is working on getting the domain back. According to our research, the domain […]

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Domain crime : is a stolen domain name being auctioned at Sedo

The domain name has been hijacked, and its legitimate owner notified us that it’s being auctioned off at Sedo. The current bid is $20,000 dollars. The cybercriminal selling off the domain has altered the email address of the legitimate owner, and added bogus information. From the looks of it, the thief appears to be […]

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No longer stolen : Domains and back with legitimate owners

The premium numeric domain is no longer stolen, as it has been returned to its legitimate owner, Mr. Luo. In June, we reported on the theft of that was facilitated using a number of persistent methods targeting the owner of this premium domain. At the time, the thief, made the mistake to announce […]

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Domain crime : reported as stolen

We have received a report that is a stolen domain name; the same thief controls the stolen asset, The domain has been offered for sale to domain brokers in private. Independent reviews confirmed that the domain is not in the possession of its lawful owner. We also received proof that the same […]

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Domain theft : Report of stolen domain names for August 2017

We’re rolling out a monthly list of domain names that remain stolen, based on previous documented incidents or other investigative reports. Domain theft is rampant, and scumbags who steal domain names often attempt to dispose of these assets quickly. Alternate methods involve the direct communication with buyers in private, often requiring payments in Bitcoin or […]

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