Welcome to the youngest LLL .com in the world!

It seems crazy, but LLL .com domains – the “hard currency” of domainers – are still expiring and dropping, more than a decade after the last freely available one got registered. In the late 90’s and very early 2000’s, domain investors from the US and Canada, registered the last remaining combinations of three-letter .com domains. […]

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The three letter domain,, not only comprises of quality letters, but it’s in the hands of an attorney, thus making it impossible to be challenged by companies that might hold interest in the mark, “SHS“. That’s the good news. The great news, is that the acronym stands for Scott H. Silver, brother of no […]

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Today, we begin our series about three letter .com domains that mean one thing and host content about something entirely different. If there is one euphemism for “chunky“, that’s BBW. According to Wikipedia, the term was coined in 1979 to describe women that are overweight or obese, aka “Rubenesque” – which are then called “Big […]

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