Marlboro + Marijuana domain = UDRP

Marijuana domains attract many domain investors, and there is substantial evidence that mainstream tobacco companies will be 420-friendly in the future. Capitalizing on this, some “enterprising” fellow registered, an obvious amalgam of Marlboro and marijuana. Unfortunately, such blatant trademark use is frowned upon, and the tobacco giant promptly slapped them with a UDRP against […]

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Cybersquatting, domain UDRPs at the WIPO and gTLDs in 2016

The trademark-friendly folks at the WIPO released data a few days ago, regarding the record number of UDRP cases examined in 2016. That report, assesses data presenting the following picture: Trademark owners filed “an all-time record” 3,036 UDRP cases with the WIPO, a 10% increase over 2015. Top TLD was .COM, involving 3,135 domain names […]

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New trademark application targets GEODOMAIN domain brand

A new trademark application at the USPTO for GEODOMAIN seems to introduce an alternate function for this generic keyword. Long after domain investors started using the geo-domain reference for city, town and other landmark domains as a shorthand version of “geographic domain,” an application filed on March 15th seeks to use the word for the […]

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Domainers seek to revive lawsuit against Google, claiming term is generic

Two men who registered hundreds of domains containing the “Google” keyword, asked the Ninth Circuit to revive their case that was dismissed at an earlier stage. The argument is that “Google” is so commonly used, that it has become a generic term, meaning “to search the Internet.” They are seeking to render the Google trademark […]

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Zions Bank lost UDRP brought against the domain

Banking giant, Zions Bank, has won 27 UDRP filings against infringing domains; it lost one against the domain The Respondent in this UDRP at the WIPO, is a “John Mike” of Karachi, Pakistan – which might or might not be a pseudonym. The domain was registered in January, and apparently Zions Bank monitors new […]

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Chinese registrant wanted $30,000 dollars for BBB ccTLD

The Chinese registrant of sought to get $30,000 dollars from BBB Cycling, a Dutch company. The latter, filed a UDRP in order to get the domain: “The Complainant is a worldwide leader in selling high quality cycling products, with more than 1,500 products across more than 40 different product categories sold in 48 countries. […]

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A company using the mark ORDER MY OIL went after the domain, claiming that the mere substitution of the words is infringing. Wes Madan / United Oil Heat, Inc., d/b/a filed the UDRP at the National Arbitration forum. The company claims common law rights, in other words, there is no registered trademark. Ironically, […]

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The panelist handling the UDRP against, delivered a shocking decision, handing over the 17 year old domain to the Complainant. In this case brought at the WIPO, the Complainant is Connecting Open Time, LLC of Lewisville, Texas, that adopted and first started using the OPENTIME trademark in or about November 2014, when it launched […]

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Reagan Baby : After UDRP loss, conservative talk show host moves to

After losing the UDRP against to The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute, conservative talk show host, Megan Barth, moved to a new domain name. In a tweet, Ms. Barth stated that her domain was “hijacked” and that she is to be found at By all means, was not hijacked; it was […]

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The UDRP against the aged domain,, has been denied at the WIPO. The Complainant is KION Material Handling GmbH of Wiesbaden, Germany who asserted that the Respondent, Kion Printing Inc. of City of Industry, California, had no rights to the domain. Registered in 1996, was targeted for the following reasons: The Complainant owns […]

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Google complaint : UDRP removes ɢ domain from Russian registrant

Vitaly Popov isn’t happy; the Russian registrant of ɢ just lost his domain in a UDRP. Google Inc., the 800 pound search engine gorilla was the Complainant in this case, at the National Arbitration Forum. According to the UDRP, Google raised the following issue: Complainant offers a wide range of Internet-related products and services, including […]

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Brazil, domains and international trademarks : Things will change in 2018

This post contains sponsored content from*. Protecting one’s trademark is both a proactive and a reactive process. Many domain investors operate businesses that utilize a brand, which can be protected in the US by registering the respective trademark at the USPTO. Uniregistry, for example, has registered both the UNIREGISTRY mark, and the mark for […]

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