: New gTLD domain in the hands of id Software via the UDRP process

It was doomed from the get-go, for the new gTLD domain, Doom.Games. Doom, the classic 1990’s game that spawned a long franchise that continues to this day, is also a registered trademark of 20 years. Dot .Games is a former gTLD of Rightside, now wholly owned by Donuts, Inc. The game’s creators, id Software LLC, […]

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Playboy.CLUB : UDRP Respondent claimed term is unknown, generic

A Chinese entrepreneur registered the domain Playboy.CLUB, perhaps out of admiration towards the iconic creation of the late Hugh Hefner. Or maybe not. In a UDRP that was filed by Playboy Enterprises International, Inc of Beverly Hills, California, the Respondent was Wu Hongyan of Beijing, China, self-represented. That’s right: there was actually a response in […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. : UDRP ends up in loss of 12 year old domain

The UDRP against the generic domain,, resulted in its loss for the Respondent, Nokta Internet Technologies. Registered in 2005, the domain is a generic plural, comprising of the terms “steel” and “cases.” There was a problem: STEELCASE is a registered trademark, and the Complainant, Steelcase Inc., asserted that their mark is far from “merely […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. : UDRP points out Respondent’s domain use, despite lacking tm match

The domain was just lost via the UDRP process; the Complainant was Johnson & Johnson of New Brunswick, New Jersey. The Complainant’s basis for asserting this complaint is its use, registration and ownership of the AVEENO and AVEENO BABY trademarks (the “AVEENO Marks). The Complaint asserts that its AVEENO product line dates back more […]

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Ethereum trademark leads to cryptocurrency domain loss via UDRP

If you’re investing in crypto-domains, think again when registering “Ethereum” keywords: it’s a trademark. Swiss company Stiftung Ethereum (Foundation Ethereum) owns a registered trademark with the USPTO in the US for ETHEREUM, and for the following classes: IC 009. US 021 023 026 036 038. G & S: Computer software platforms for developing, building, and […]

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Astrogold .com UDRP : Give this panelist a fat cigar!

Not very often do we give out the “big fat cigar” award to a UDRP panelist. In the case of, the Complainant was Ajnaware Pty Ltd of Australia, that relied on a 2014 registration mark for ASTRO GOLD in order to go after the domain. Registered in 2009, the domain is being used with […]

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Eros Tokens : ICO for adult services stunted by domain UDRP decision

The proliferation of initial coin offerings (ICOs) has created an interesting dynamic among start-ups. Eros Token first set up its upcoming ICO two months ago, for a total supply of 10 million ERS (Eros Tokens.) Eros Tokens are meant to enable transactions among workers in the adult services industry, some of which might be questionable […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. : Short term rental traffic typo lost in UDRP

House rental services provider, AirBNB, is protective of its brand, and challenged the domain – an anagram or typo – via the UDRP process. Airbnb, Inc. filed the UDRP at the National Arbitration Forum, seeking to acquire control of the domain. The AIRBNB mark was filed on Apr. 27, 2010 with the USPTO, and […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. to be deleted after UDRP at the WIPO

The domain was challenged via the UDRP process at the WIPO. The Complainant is Instagram, LLC of Menlo Park, California, and there is no doubt that INSTAGRAM is by now a famous trademark. The domain was ordered to be deleted, because that first letter isn’t an “i” but an “l.” This type of visual […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. UDRP : Domain predates European trademark – end of story

If only all UDRP decisions were as clean cut as that about The 2009 domain registration was challenged at the National Arbitration Forum, by Advanced Payment Solutions Limited. The British company, claimed that its 2010 trademark for CASHPLUS along with the alleged “non use” of the domain by the Respondent, should grant them ownership […]

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Chambong dot .com UDRP fails as domain was registered a decade before trademark became the focus of an incredulous UDRP by the .CO operators; the domain was registered in 2005, according to DomainTools. Randy A. Leslein of Seattle, Washington, filed a UDRP at the WIPO, alleging that the owners infringed on their trademark. Only problem is, the CHAMBONG mark was registered in 2015, a full 10 […]

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UDRP in the making : Lionel Messi domain in GoDaddy auction is on a GoDaddy auction; the domain was registered in May for a total of 10 years. That might have been the worst up-front waste of registration fees, as soccer megastar, Lionel Messi, is known to be extremely litigious. A quick search at UDRPSearch reveals that Mr. Lionel Andres Messi Cuccittini – the full […]

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