UDRP : Estoppel a plausible domain defense

The domain was hit by a UDRP, 12 years after its registration date in 2005. The Complainant, Twin Lakes Telephone Cooperative Corporation, is in possession of the registered mark WIN LAKES COMMUNICATIONS. According to the Complainant, Respondent offered to sell the domain name for $50,000, an amount in excess of the typical out-of-pocket costs […]

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Just don’t do it : Turkish dotless “i” involved in Nike domain UDRP

The use of a Turkish “dotless” letter “i” was recently the center of a UDRP brought forth by Nike, Inc. The domain in question, Nı, resembles “Nike” but is in fact an IDN, or Internationalized Domain Name. Nı was parked with a zero click lander leading to Google results about Nike; the world-famous corporation filed […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. : Chinese domain registrant blew $5,000 via UDRP

Dot .Car domains carry a premium price, and the Chinese registrant of Porsche.Car just blew a small fortune. Registered in 2016, the Porsche car domain was renewed in 2017, which brings the total minimum cost to just over $5,000 dollars. With a price tag of $2,399 dollars at GoDaddy, the domain was challenged by the […]

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OK for Oklahoma : domain passes UDRP challenge

The owners of the domain faced a UDRP, brought forth by City Wide Franchise Company, Inc. The Complainant does not even own the domain, which belongs to a cellular communications company; they operate from instead. CITY WIDE is a trademark registered by the Complainant in 2009, a year after was registered. […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. : UDRP filed over expired 1999 domain that received a “rebranding”

Conrad Rice Mill claims to be “America’s oldest working rice mill” but they let one of their domain brands,, expire. Registered in 1999, the domain was not renewed and it was sold on the expired domain marketplace at GoDaddy. Conrad Rice Mill filed a UDRP to reclaim the domain, to protect their KONRIKO trademark, […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. : Respondent uses “reverse cyber-squatter” approach to UDRP

The Korean registrant of was hit with a UDRP; the 10 year old domain was challenged at the WIPO by an Italian corporation. Complainant is Unipol Gruppo Finanziario S.p.A. of Bologna, Italy, that claimed it has common law rights to the UNIPOL mark since 1989. Meanwhile, was registered by the Respondent on February […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. owner wanted $231,500 dollars but got hit with UDRP

The domain was listed on eBay with a massive $231,000 dollar price tag. Instead of achieving a sale, however, the domain was slapped with a UDRP at the National Arbitration Forum. The Complainant is Obagi Medical Products, Inc., that produces a series of cosmetics; they own the OBAGI mark since 1998. They operate from […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. : UDRP is not the medium to resolve business conflicts

The domain was challenged via the UDRP process, by a Chinese company QuanZhou OUXUN Electronics Co., Ltd. The company produces electronic equipment, selling two-way radios and accessories relating to wireless communication. They also registered the WOUXUN with the USPTO and in China. In this case, was operated with the Complainant’s permission, and the […]

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Retweet is now a registered trademark of Twitter

Domain investors take notice: Twitter has registered “RETWEET” as a mark with the USPTO. The trademark registration process began way back in 2009, with an “intent to use” (ITU) filing for the following classes and use: Class 41: Providing on-line journals, namely, blogs featuring user-defined content Class 45: Online social networking services; providing a website […]

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Allstate.Claims UDRP : “Make a reasonable offer at current market prices”

The registrant of Allstate.Claims got slapped with a UDRP by the Allstate Insurance Company; in a cheeky response, the Respondent stated: “Based on this complaint, this Complainant would be filing a complaint if ANYONE owned 645 other domain extensions that pertain to the word “Allstate”, such as Allstate.Actor, Allstate.Academy, Allstate.Accountants, Allstate.Ads, Allstate.Africa, Allstate.Apartments, Allstate.Architect, Allstate.Art, […]

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StayFree .XYZ : Edgewell spent thousands of dollars to get $299 domain

The world of corporate logic operates on its own distinct plane, and Edgewell, owners of popular brands for the personal hygiene market, seems to follow that paradigm. One of the brands by Edgewell is Stayfree, a series of female hygiene products: “STAYFREE pads have a long heritage of being an innovator in the sanitary protection […]

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Domain names “On Fleek” – Trademark situation?

Kayla Newman alleges she came up with the phrase “On Fleek” in 2014; the teenager shared the phrase in a 7 second video on Vine. Apparently, that phrase went viral, and still continues to be used in songs, merchandise and anything that targets millennials. Kayla Newman, also known as Peaches Monroee, now wants her chance to […]

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