Two letter domain lands on China’s shores after 31 years

Two letter .com domain,, has changed hands and is now in the possession of a Chinese registrant. Previously owned by Ultimate Bet poker, this LL .com domain is one of the oldest in existence, with a registration date in 1986. It’s very rare to see such an old two letter .com domain, or old […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. : Heavyweight LL .com domain sold to Chinese buyers

Another day, another LL .com domain has been sold: moved to Chinese ownership two days ago. According to Canadian domain investor, George Kirikos, was sold by domain investor, Jay Westerdal, and Domain Holdings was brokering it. Kirikos monitors the percentage of two letter .com domains, a premium genre, that’s in the hands of […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. is for sale and the price is in the millions of dollars!

Super premium, two letter .com domain, is up for sale. Aron Meystedt, the owner of, used it for several years for his personal, services-oriented web site, XF Investments. Meystedt recently rebranded to Registered in 1994, is being offered for sale for the first time ever. The price: $3.5 million dollars. Without […]

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Two letter domains : sold to the Chinese

Another day, another premium two letter .com domain headed to China. moved away from Hecker Law and into the hands of one of China’s biggest investors of such domains, Domain investor, George Kirikos, noticed the change and remarked about the latest stats involving LL .com domains: “By my count, Chinese registrants own 166 […]

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Two letters : fails to sell at NameJet

Premium two letter domain,, failed to sell at NameJet earlier today. Priced with a reserve at between $600,001 and $700,000 dollars, the premium, ultra-short domain attracted a total of 185 bids from 178 bidders. Of those bidders, 5 made bids in the six figure range; the auction for ended at $535,000 dollars. NameJet […]

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Two letter domain close to hitting reserve at NameJet

The two letter .com domain,, is being auctioned at NameJet, with a current bid of $500,000 dollars. It’s very rare to see LL .com domains being auctioned, as they are popular with the Chinese, often fetching seven figures. This one is being offered from the inventory of Internet Real Estate, the owned-domain branch of […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. : Two letter .com changed hands in China

The premium two letter domain,, changed hands in China, and the new owners are Chinese. Domain investor and LL .com aficionado, George Kirikos, has noted that the exchange of the domain resulted in a new ownership; the buyer appears to be Shenzhen Comix Group Co Ltd. According to their Alibaba profile, the company produces […]

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Chinese domain market report : appears to have been resold

Following on the heels of the sale, another two letter .com appears to have been resold: After being sold in October 2015 for a reputed low seven figures, the domain remained with the Chinese domain registrar, eName. This has changed, and the domain is currently at GoDaddy, under privacy WHOIS. That’s a […]

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Chinese domain market sales : Baili sued Apple over iPhone copycat

China is a mass producer of electronics, and as the 2nd largest economy in the world it supplies more than 80% of American holiday gifts. That number excludes toys, by the way, that is another dominant manufacturing sector for the Chinese. While the Apple iPhone is assembled in China, the iPhone 6 is facing its […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. : Two letter domain was sold for a ‘mere’ $1.2 million dollars!

Domain investor, George Kirikos, unveiled the amount paid for the acquisition of Digging through the filings of a Form 10-Q at the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Kirikos noted that Tribune Publishing paid $1.2 million dollars to acquire the domain. That’s a great deal in comparison to other LL .com domain sales, given the […]

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Chinese domain sales report : LL .com goes to China – Elequa sells ‘XYZ’ domain!

The Chinese domain market is entertaining, for sure. Those who cached in their chips and made a healthy profit, we salute you. Last year was awesome, and despite early predictions, 2016 has been rather dull so far. Do not underestimate, however, the real domain power horse: LL .com domains. Two letter domains are the creme […]

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Two letter .com domain reported as “sold” for a $900k minimum

Two letter .com domains are extremely valuable and have become the Golden Chalice for corporations in China. It appears that yet another LL .com sale has occurred, for the domain According to domain broker, James Booth, who did not broker the domain personally, was confirmed as “sold” by its seller; the price was […]

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