: WIPO panelist performs extensive due diligence on aged domain

The WIPO panelist examining the UDRP for the domain did extensive due diligence. Despite a lack of response by the Respondent in this UDRP, Andrew D. S. Lothian, took a good look at the case, going as far as to peruse domain records from DomainTools historic WHOIS. The Complainant is Serverscheck BVBA of Zaventem, […]

Copyright © 2016 · All Rights Reserved. : Australian company tries to grab generic domain via UDRP

Food and wine travel is a common practice for epicureans, also known as foodies. Michael Keriakos, of Keriakos Media Ventures of New York, acquired the domain to create a venture with the well-known company Time Inc. and specifically in relation to Time Inc.’s “Food & Wine” publishing brand. Keriakos states that he paid $2,500 […]

Copyright © 2016 · All Rights Reserved. : BuyDomains surrenders 12 year old domain asset via the UDRP process

BuyDomains lost one of its aged domain assets,, to the Swiss watch manufacturer via the UDRP process. Registered in 2004, the 12 year old domain has been in the possession of the domain portfolio managing company since then. The Complainant is Richemont International S.A of Bellevue, Switzerland, and they asserted the following: “The Complainant […]

Copyright © 2016 · All Rights Reserved. UDRP results in Reverse Domain Name Hijacking finding

The owner of the domain fired back at the UDRP, winning it with a finding of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking. The aged domain was registered as a personal last name, according to the Respondent: “In 2000, the Respondent set up a business with a view to offering personalised surname and business email addresses. To […]

Copyright © 2016 · All Rights Reserved. UDRP : Aussie company found guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking

The UDRP against the aged, generic domain has failed; the Complainant is Easton Corp Pty Ltd of Australia. According to the UDRP particulars: “The Complainant is an Australian company that sells lingerie, beachwear, and fashion accessories online at “” to customers in Australia, New Zealand, and worldwide. According to the Complainant’s website, the company […]

Copyright © 2016 · All Rights Reserved. domain UDRP unveils surprising reach of trademarks

If you thought that “yoyo” is just a generic term, think again. A UDRP against the domain was based on a trademark for “YOYO.” The difference, however, is that the Complainant, Fitt S.P.A. of Vicenza, Italy, has registered YOYO with relation to garden hoses. Therefore, the significance of the YOYO mark relates directly to […]

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(‿ˠ‿) : ‘Emoji domain’ UDRP filed by Kim Kardashian

Emoji domains are all the rage, and media socialite, Kim Kardashian, isn’t happy about a particular domain registration. By introducing an emoji domain search engine, GoDaddy gave Kim Kardashian the opportunity to search for her trademark look, the big butt emoji. “I’ve always been known for my oversized rump, and I filed for a trademark […]

Copyright © 2016 · All Rights Reserved. : Aged, generic domain challenged in UDRP is an aged, generic domain registered in 2004. A dozen years later, it was challenged by 9170-4205 Quebec Inc. of Blainville, Quebec, Canada that stated it infringes on their mark BATH DEPOT. The latter was granted registration in Canada and the US in 2008. The Respondent is an Indian company that called the Complainant’s […]

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Two lawyers, one domain : The UDRP over fails

When two lawyers clash at the WIPO over a domain, the matter seems rather serious. is a domain registered in 2002; several years later, Nancy L. Lanard, of Lanard and Associates, P.C. and Josh Lignana, Spadea Lignana LLC formed a joint firm, under the name of The law firm of Spadea, Lanard & Lignana […]

Copyright © 2016 · All Rights Reserved. : Stolen domain taken from its Chinese thief via UDRP

A Chinese domain thief was forced to return the stolen domain via the UDRP process. Back in July, we wrote about the Portuguese company EDP – Energias de Portugal, S.A. filing the case; we correctly speculated that the domain, which had been transferred away to the Chinese domain registrar, Ename, had been stolen. In […]

Copyright © 2016 · All Rights Reserved. : UDRP against a million visits a year domain was denied

The Green Bay Packers, Inc. of Green Bay, Wisconsin, filed a UDRP against the domain Registered since 2008, the domain and associated web site provides news and information related to the popular NFL team. The domain commands more than 1 million visits per year. According to the UDRP: “Complainant’s team is one of […]

Copyright © 2016 · All Rights Reserved. : UDRP against Spanish word domain denied

A UDRP against the domain has been denied at the WIPO; the Respondent’s attorney, John Berryhill, marks another victory for client, Ashanti PLC Limited. Brisas means “breezes” in Spanish, and Grupo Hotelero Brisas, S.A. of Mexico, claimed rights to the LAS BRISAS mark and filed the UDRP. The 20 year old domain does not […]

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