UDRP : If you own 43 domains you’re a “sophisticated domainer”

This is one for the domain books. A UDRP against the domain that was filed at the WIPO, used the following reference to the domain’s owner: “According to the DomainIQ records, the Respondent is the owner of 43 active domains, with an estimated portfolio value of over USD 10,000. Therefore, it is submitted that […]

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WDBJ : TV station fails to grab aged .com domain via UDRP

The naming convention of radio and TV stations in the US is quite interesting. One of the most popular TV shows was “WKRP in Cincinnati.” Gray Television Group, Inc. of Atlanta, Georgia, uses the acronyms WDBJ and WDBJ7. They use and really wanted, so they filed a UDRP against the aged .com. Registered […]

Copyright © 2016 · All Rights Reserved. UDRP : Italian pasta company forgot to renew domain, wins it back

How on earth can you proclaim to be a famous brand of Italian pasta, formed in 1886, and not protect your brand internationally? F.lli De Cecco S.p.A. of Naples, Italy, did just that, when they allowed their domain to lapse three years ago. In an interesting twist, the domain was registered in 1996 by […]

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White Ribbon : Australian organization battles British activist over .ORG domain

You cannot have too many active organizations fighting against violence, as experienced by women today, and yet, a UDRP against the domain unveils a darker layer. Erin Patria Margaret Pizzey, is an English family care activist and a novelist. Currently aged 77, the daughter of a British diplomat born and in China, Pizzey is […]

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“Get real!” says Respondent to WIPO UDRP

Frustration and anger over the UDRP against the domain name,, was evident; its owner had a couple of things to say to the WIPO. According to the case, AXA SA of Paris, France, claimed that its “AXA” mark was violated in this case, and brought a complaint against the domain’s owner. Mr. Surridge of […]

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Journal de Mourréal : Satirical web site saved from Montreal UDRP

A Quebecois newspaper, Journal de Montreal, staged a legal battle against the owner of Journal de Mourréal, a satirical web site. In 2013, Janick Murray-Hall, owner of the Journal – alias Bob Flanagan – became the editor-in-chief of the spoof web site, mocking the Journal de Montréal, a year after launching his Facebook page. […]

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John Berryhill wins UDRP on behalf of Mrs. Jello LLC

A Spanish company with a figurative mark for “LOADING” filed a UDRP for the aged domain Registered in 1998, the domain is owned by Mrs. Jello, LLC – the estate of late domain investor Igal Lichtman. The domain was acquired in 2009. Javier Narvaez Segura, Grupo Loading Systems S.L. of Orihuela, Spain claimed that […]

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Donald Trump yanks spa domain from enterprising squatter

This year in the US will be remembered for its colorful presidential elections, set in November. Republican hopeful, Donald Trump, will be facing Hillary Clinton, in a battle of the sexes and wits. Domain investors eager to capitalize on the names of both candidates have been registering political domains. There is a line, however, drawn […]

Copyright © 2016 · All Rights Reserved. domain lost due to Natulique brand similarity

A Danish cosmetics company operating from, filed a UDRP against a Turkish cosmetics company, for the domain The Respondent, a Turkish individual, was briefly a representative for Natulique products; then, he launched his own brand, offering cosmetics. According to the UDRP, the Complainant successfully brought legal action against the Respondent in Turkey, where […]

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Eli Lilly : Epic UDRP includes 218 Cialis domains!

Eli Lilly is a pharmaceutical company manufacturing among others, the erectile dysfunction medication “Cialis.” Such medication is sold only via prescription in the US and many Western countries, while contraband or fake meds bearing the Cialis mark are sold on the Internet. For that purpose, domain names using the Cialis brand are utilized in a […]

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WIPO : Another huge list of “188” domains lost via UDRP

Another day, another UDRP against domains that begin with the number “188.” Once again, the Complainant is Cube Limited of Douglas, Isle of Man, a company that uses its 188 trademark to challenge the ownership of related domains; they’ve done so several times in the past. This time around, the Respondent is Ri Biao Xie […]

Copyright © 2016 · All Rights Reserved. was spared in surprising UDRP decision

The UDRP for the aged domain,, delivered a surprising result. The Complainant is a Dutch company that acquired the rights to the SPACE SCOOTER mark, originating from 1999. The domain was registered in 2000, and in 2014, during negotiations with the Complainant via GoDaddy’s brokering services, its owner asked $8,000 dollars for it. Complainant […]

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