Alert : Cache of 115 LLL .com domains stolen from their owner

Warning: Stolen domain.

Warning: Stolen domains.

In what appears to be the largest theft of three letter .com domains ever, a cache of 115 LLL .coms were reported stolen from their owner.

Domain investor, Qiang Du, who is a California resident, lost control to the valuable domain portfolio, after his AOL email account was compromised.

The list of LLL .com domains was offered for sale by an impostor, who created the email address “” and began contacting domain brokers, offering these domains cheaply.

Normally, owner Qiang Du seeks six figures for such domains, which triggered the suspicion of experienced domain broker, James Booth, sharing this information about the brazen domain theft.

The list of LLL .com domains that were reported stolen is as follows:

There might be more domains that are stolen, which are not LLL .coms.

The stolen domains were all at Moniker, and their current WHOIS info has changed to Privacy.

The thief has changed most of them to point to zero click landers, some of which might lead to web pages serving malware; we do not advise you to visit these domain names.

We will update this post if there are any further developments. Many thanks to James Booth for reporting this domain theft.

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2 Responses to “Alert : Cache of 115 LLL .com domains stolen from their owner”
  1. Milan says:

    Literally this is over $5M, not petty theft anymore

  2. brad says:

    This is over $10MM!!
    However, I don’t believe this this is a theft.
    If the domains were stolen they should do it by PUSHING the domains to another Moniker account, since it’s still there.
    And if they really were stolen the owner would have got them back the same way if he notifies Moniker asap,
    like I did several years ago…. How easyyy!!

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