Alert : is a stolen domain name currently

Stolen domain:

Warning: The domain name has been stolen.

Its legitimate owner is being represented by and the domainer-friendly law firm is in the process of getting it back.

There are, however, some interesting points to outline in this domain-related crime.

Jozsef Hollosi acquired in 1994, setting up a personal web site called Hollosi Information eXchange. Mr. Hollosi’s background is Hungarian. was stolen around December 9, 2016, by an apparently Chinese domain thief, who took over the domain, transferring it away from Active Registrar to China’s registrar, Ename.

Eventually, was sold by the thief, in a transaction involving

After communicating the incident’s particulars, agreed to reverse the transaction, and to return the buyer’s funds. This process has been frozen however:

Active Registrar, the original Registrar of Record, ceased operations, and its function was assumed by Public Domain Registry (PDR.) With these complications, the process of returning the domain got stuck and no action was taken.

Onto the present day.

The current registrar, Ename, has informed all parties that it will be unlocking the domain and will release it back to the thief’s control, despite being notified of the situation involving a stolen domain asset.

Ename has a long history of complicating matters for domain owners whose domains were stolen and transferred to it, by Chinese domain thieves.

The legitimate owner, and, are preparing a legal motion to freeze the domain and further legal action, in order to transfer it back to its rightful owner.

This is a public notification advising anyone who is contacted to buy the domain that it is a stolen domain asset.

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  1. Niz says:

    Hi.. also stolen it seems.. please alert the community.. Thanks

  2. SME was just reported stolen on NamePros.

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