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Alert : MCV.com is a #stolen #domain name, according to its owner

Stolen domain: MCV.com

The aged, three letter domain MCV.com has been stolen, according to its owner, who registered it in 1997.

Mr. Stanley Chen continuously renewed his premium three letter .com up to 2019, only to find it recently in the possession of another party.

According to historic WHOIS data from DomainTools, the domain MCV.com changed hands in late September 2017, moving in the possession of a domain broker who attempted to sell it on several venues, including NamePros and Flippa.

Said Mr. Chen:

I am the owner of MCV.COM, I registered this domain with NetworkSolutions in 1997.

And I renewed this domain until April 2019.

Someone hacked into my account and did an illegal transfer to “Internet Domain Service BS Corp”. Now this domain name is not under my name anymore, Is there a legal way to get it back?

MCV.com is currently being brokered on Flippa, where it was listed once before and did not sell. Neither one of these listings, nor any current brokering activity, were initiated by the domain’s owner.

Follow the exchange in this NamePros thread.

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