Asia and Cloud #domains : It’s #domain spam galore from NameCheap and Cloudflare!

Phuck all spammers.

Serial domain spammers love NameCheap and its combination of inaction to reports of abuse and bulk priced deals.

Right now, NameCheap offers $4.88 registrations for .Asia domains, along with $1.28 for .Cloud domains.

What a great combo for the phuckstick spammers that once they register these cheap, disposable domains, head out to Cloudflare to hide their server IP behind the free proxy DNS they provide.

We believe it’s a criminal act to provide coverage to spammers, enabling a barrage of spam and even phishing attacks. Both NameCheap and Cloudflare “demand” that we open a ticket to report each and every instance.


We do the bulk of the work for you by pointing out which domains are involved in this massive spamfest – do your job and follow the money trail and shut them down.

Here’s today’s list of domains registered at NameCheap and using Cloudflare to bombard crap around the internet:

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