Auction for ends at $15,300 but is this LLL #domain name stolen?

The auction for ended at an eye-watering $15,300 dollars at DropCatch today. As we pointed out, the domain was listed in auction by a private sellerit was not a drop.

Before the auction closed, we received notification that the domain is most likely a stolen asset.

The information came from established domain investor and broker, James Booth. According to James, the current registrant of sent him a PayPal invoice to verify their acquisition; Booth said that the invoice appeared “doctored.”

In addition, according to James, both and would not vouch for the domain seller’s identity. In that context, appears to be in the possession of an individual other than the legitimate owner.

The question is, who really owns Here’s an ownership timeline.

Until January 2, 2020, was registered at GoDaddy; on that date, it was moved to Namecheap. The transfer did not unveil the WHOIS information, that remained under privacy. On that date, the domain was listed on for sale.

Around March 13, 2020, was moved on Uniregistry Market DNS, while still at Namecheap. On March 15, 2020, was moved back to for sale.

On March 18, 2020, the domain was transferred out to Epik. On March 23, 2020, had its DNS changed to Cloudflare, and two days later the DNS changed to Afternic, where it was listed for sale. And on March 29th, it was listed for sale on DropCatch.

Until September 14, 2011, was in the possession of California based, Dr. Geoffrey H. Smith, with an address matching that of Wesco Technologies Ltd.

It’s quite possible that is an orphaned domain that somehow ended up in the hands of the current registrant, perhaps illegitimately.

If you have additional information, please contact us.

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