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Barrage of spam coming from free/cheap .XYZ domains

Phuck all spammers.

Phuck all spammers.

Give something for free or at a hugely discounted price, and the abuse will commence.

An increasing amount of spam comes from a group of phucksticks that use cheap or free dot .XYZ domains.

These domains are used to pump out spam emails about fat burners, discount tickets, time shares and other unwanted crap – ad nauseam.

Wondering what the XYZ Registry has to say about this product abuse?

Here are some XYZ domains used to procure and disperse spam:

  • Gavene.xyz
  • Dassoon.xyz
  • Dappile.xyz
  • Sabbiner.xyz
  • Mennelet.xyz
  • Mensorte.xyz
  • Mearile.xyz
  • Laddilo.xyz
  • Hardile.xyz
  • Dobbiler.xyz
  • Bobbile.xyz
  • Wannile.xyz
  • Pannier.xyz
  • Nolinet.xyz
  • Mexilar.xyz
  • Messinet.xyz
  • Mazzor.xyz
  • Maxxiner.xyz
  • Levinore.xyz
  • Levenil.xyz
  • Gavelle.xyz
  • Messinal.xyz
  • Passerten.xyz
  • Peerine.xyz
  • Tabbine.xyz
  • Toppile.xyz
  • Laxxile.xyz
  • Kaddin.xyz

This barrage of XYZ crap started just a few days ago and we have the emails to prove it. The spammer uses NameCheap as the domain registrar.

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5 Responses to “Barrage of spam coming from free/cheap .XYZ domains”
  1. Gomer says:

    Shhhhh. If word of the new gtld’s crapiness gets out, there will be no resale value to our .ninja, .ooo and .tattoo domains.

  2. tom says:

    Okay so these xyz things are out of control. I’m so upset with American companies like Google and yahoo for not catching this crap. Yandex is Russian maybe they’re a better option. What if i get suckered into some kind of scam? then who’s responsible for it?

  3. Atul says:

    These domains are just hurting the analytics report, they should be cleaned off somehow.

  4. Ben says:

    I would never setup a website on a one word XYZ, it’s too expensive annually for the good words and they are going to be synonymous with spam eventually if not already.

  5. Ron says:

    We got 4,444 emails in the last hour. 14% were rejected in Postfix mail server. 358 were rejected (failed verification) because the IP could not be looked up to get the domain the mail originated from, 358 emails were rejected because the IP address was found in the Spamhaus blackhole DNS site (the ip already reported as sending spam) and 22 were rejected as coming from the new top-level domains (TLDs), most all from the .xyz domain, some from .ml and .buzz. The experience here is about 20 of the new TLDs send most of the new TLD spam. There are now 1500 of these cheap new TLDs, at a cost of $200,000 each, they made ICANN rich at internet-users expense . Selling for 50 cents per year (.xyz) and up, spammers sign up for new second-level domains like cumlicks.xyz hundreds of times per hour, making .xyz amd registrars rich, again at the expense and trouble of Internet email users. ICANN really screwed up BIG time with all these top-level mainly-for-spam domains.
    We may soon have to ban most all the new TLDs in the reject_domains filter in Postfix.

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