C73.com : Another stolen domain moved to Chinese registrar Ename

stolen-domain-warningThe domain name C73.com was stolen from its legitimate owner, who reached out to us.

Just like many other victims of domain theft, Nazih witnessed his 16 year old domain asset getting stolen from GoDaddy and was moved to the Chinese domain registrar Ename.

The latter, is particularly popular with domain thieves in China, according to numerous statistics.

The thieves transfer the domains and attempt to launder them quickly by flipping them at the Chinese marketplace.

GoDaddy has been the target of choice throughout 2014, as cybercriminals use phishing emails to hijack domain account credentials.

We will post any updates to the status of the currently stolen domain name, C73.com.

Update 6/9/2015 : The domain C73.com has been returned.

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4 Responses to “C73.com : Another stolen domain moved to Chinese registrar Ename”
  1. Hire Domains says:

    Again the question needs to be asked, why do they all end up at eName and why is Icann not acting on this ongoing dilemma ??
    Godaddy need to stop dragging their heels and implement two step verification to put an end to this, surely they must know the time spent recovering stolen domains could be alleviated by doing this security measure!

  2. Nick V says:

    GoDaddy does have 2-step verification. Maybe it should be a requirement instead of an option?

  3. Todd Reum says:

    Godaddy does have a secure system, anyone who lists without it is not being alert. Their system is uncrackable if you use it, it requires godaddy to make a phone call to the account holders personal phone # and ask them for a pin before it can go anywhere.

  4. DomainGang says:

    Update 6/9/2015 : The domain C73.com has been returned.

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