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Chinese domain investors : 1 billion accounts leaked on the Dark Web

Domain investors from China should perform a thorough change of passwords across their social media accounts without delay.

Details of more than 1 billion accounts from large Chinese service providers have been packaged and are being resold on the so-called “Dark Web,” an underground group of sites operating on the Tor network.

According to a report on the compromised Chinese web sites, the leak includes:

“NetEase Inc and its subsidiaries 126.com, 163.com and Yeah.net. Tencent Holdings Limited owned QQ.com, TOM Group’s Tom.com 163.net, Sina Corporation’s Sina.com/Sina.com.cn, Sohu, Inc.’s Sohu.com and Letter Network Information Technology Co., Ltd owned eYou.com.”

The packaging of this massive account credentials is being sold for $400 dollars, by a notorious seller of other stolen account credentials.

Sharing the same password across multiple accounts can lead to their easy compromise from such leaked data; domain investors should always enable two factor authentication to protect their registrar accounts.

For more information on this incident that could affect Chinese domain investors, click here.

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2 Responses to “Chinese domain investors : 1 billion accounts leaked on the Dark Web”
  1. Jeff Manes says:

    Does the $400 include a side of fried rice?

  2. DomainGang says:

    Jeff – Double fried, most likely. The magnitude of the leak is insane.

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