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Chinese spammer offers $150 per premium LLLL .com

Phuck all spammers.

Phuck all spammers.

Domain spam that originates in China can be quite annoying, as the “Chips” game spread globally during the past 18 months.

Direct inquiries about a particular domain are generally ok, but robo-spamming the entire AAAA-ZZZZ sequence is not cool at all.

One such Chinese spammer sends the following email, translated:

“Hello your four-letter com 1000 Yuan to sell it to sell it Information View mihuishou.com”

When one visits mihuishou.com the following message is shown:

“If you want to sell your domain name, please contact qq 2385638010″

So the Chinese spammer offering 1000 RMB or about $150 dollars for a premium four letter .COM domain is hiding at mihuishou.com and the QQ 2385638010.

According to DomainTools historic WHOIS, the owner of the spamming domain is a “Dong Fengdu” with the email address “yila52000@qq.com”

Keep that in mind when you receive similar spam emails for your premium domains.

Domain spamming is no different than any other kind of spamming; it’s abusive and despicable.

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