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Cybercrime : Chinese domain thief continues political charades and anti-USA rhetoric

Domain sales Made in China.

Cybercrime Made in China.

A Chinese cybercriminal who stole several domains from domain investor, Chris Goh, continued his anti-USA rhetoric and threats.

Instead of showing remorse over the domain theft, the Chinese thief justified his crime as “payback” for alleged crimes that the USA has committed or is committing.

“The people of the world have to see the United States in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and so did what? Those countries the United States under the so-called democratic intervention, is now a war, people are destitute, broken homes broken. The people of the world should be clear, the United States in addition to its own interests, is not concerned about the livelihood of others and economic and social development, the United States and its behind-the-scenes conspiracy is the source of the world.”

In another email, he displays his extensive exposure to Chinese government propaganda levels:

“Recently, the United States and Yemen on the dry. The United States used the pretext of the Soviet-armed missiles to attack the merchant ships flying the United States flag and responded by destroying three radar stations in the area controlled by the Iranian armed forces. According to the US Defense News Network reported on October 18, US Department of Defense officials on Tuesday (October 18) claimed that after a few days of investigation, the US Navy that Saturday (that is, October 14 Beijing time) The warning of a destroyer missile attack could be a false alarm.

Is a false positive! The United States military how much wrong! Since the US “mistakenly bombed” the Chinese Embassy in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia since the military malfunction once again. The Chinese Embassy in Kyrgyzstan was bombed, the bombing of the Syrian government barracks, the bombing of the United Nations Syrian refugee convoy, to the United Nations to the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Yemeni Hussein armed error attacks and so on.”

Meanwhile, gxnx.com [NSFW] appears to have been returned to Chris Goh, with the help of GoDaddy.



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2 Responses to “Cybercrime : Chinese domain thief continues political charades and anti-USA rhetoric”
  1. Dnvre says:

    DO they hate microsoft too ?

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