Digital Point : Alleged data breach can lead to #domain name hijacking

An article describing a recent data breach at Digital Pointthe world’s biggest webmaster forum and marketplace for web related services – is definitely alarming.

According to the report, a Digital Point data leak contained data of 863,412 users thanks to a database that was not password-protected.

What was leaked?

The report claims that the database contained user emails, names, internal user ID numbers, other internal records and user posts.

Why is such a leak of personal data important?

The sheer size of such data can lead to the compromising of domain names registered under these accounts.

Statistics show that due to bad security practices, domain registrants use the same username / password pair across several independent web services. By compromising one such service, hackers may gain access to all of them – all it takes is time and a method to test these credentials for validity.

Always use a distinct user name & password for every single web site that requires login access, and utilize two factor authentication whenever available.

Read the full article on Digital Point’s data leak.

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