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Dirty domain spammer: mihuishou.com – 2385638010@qq.com

A dirty domain spammer from China is emailing every permutation of LLLL .com domain’s owners with unsolicited email.

We recently unveiled how this phuckstick offers $150 per domain; we thought this is an isolated incident, however, the barrage of spam continues.

The douchebag spammer from China should be ostracized by serious Chinese domainers that don’t resort to such scummy practices.

Let’s hope that the next World Domain Conference in China, will forbid scammers such as Mihuishou.com / 2385638010@qq.com from participating.

Below is a sample of the spam we received from this scumbag.

Chinese domain spammer, mihuishou.com

Chinese domain spammer, mihuishou.com

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One Response to “Dirty domain spammer: mihuishou.com – 2385638010@qq.com”
  1. I strongly suspect this is mostly datamining for contacts on domains with private registrations.

    He sends me about several emails a day about 3 and 4 character .com domains.

    At least he’s consistent so the spam filters are effective.

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