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Domain crime : JADA.com has been reported as stolen

Warning: Stolen domains.

Warning: Stolen domains.

The domain name JADA.com has been reported as stolen; the current registrant attempted to sell the domain at NamePros.

An established domain investor from India reported the sales thread which has now been closed.

The seller appears to be from Russia, and his account has now been closed by the NamePros moderators.

The previous owner is listed as an entrepreneur from Cambodia, and a resident of California. As he hasn’t personally reported this domain as stolen, perhaps due to being unaware of it, we are reporting JADA.com solely on the information and tips we received per above.

According to our tipster, the current registrant from Russia is now trying to reach out to owners of 4 letter names privately to sell the name.

If you are approached to acquire the domain JADA.com keep in mind that it might be reclaimed by its owner at a later date.

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2 Responses to “Domain crime : JADA.com has been reported as stolen”
  1. Milan says:

    Asad.com and Abdullah.com at namepros is stolen as well, buyer was older guy first named Abdullah, he is in touch with network now.

    He asked to help get the word out, as hacked moved to Russian registry

  2. DomainGang says:

    Milan – Thank you for the tip, separate article has now been posted on those two stolen domains.

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