Domain Cybercrime : Has your domain been stolen? We’d love to help

China is America's enemy #1 in the cybercrime arena.

Domain cybercrime has reached epic proportions.

In recent years, the implementation of email verification requirements by ICANN has contributed to an increase in domain theft.

Popular domain registrars such as GoDaddy, are being targeted; the proliferation of certain types of domains and their quick appreciation in value is another contributing factor.

As domain investors and members of the domain community, we’ve made it part of our mission to provide support, directions and exposure to those whose domain names get stolen. We also expose the thieves and cybercriminals that steal your domain names.

Most domain owners that find themselves in an unexpected situation don’t know where to turn to. The first response of many registrars’ support department is a gloomy acknowledgement that their hands are tied.

GoDaddy has been targeted repeatedly by domain cybercriminals, and has made great improvements with regards to security. Two-factor authentication, while not mandatory, is now available worldwide, and should be used to lock down your account. This cuts down on the success rate of phishing emails and portals, that target GoDaddy customers primarily.

If your domain name has been stolen, get in touch. We will beacon its status to the domain community and the Internet, while the recovery process is ongoing.

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2 Responses to “Domain Cybercrime : Has your domain been stolen? We’d love to help”
  1. Jen says:

    You’re a good guy, Lucius.


  2. Domain Observer says:

    Godaddy 2 fa is fantastic, particularly for domain holders outside of the USA. No hassle at all. No worry about being locked out of one’s account as there is no app is needed. No worry about lost or stolen smartphone. No sync problem. No hassle in installing an app and learning how to implement it. Simply register your smartphone number and that’s all. You will get the code whenever you log into your account from Japan.

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