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ECA .net buyer discovers this 20 year old #domain is stolen

Stolen domain names are being resold on various online venues, by keeping prices below market value.

This approach makes them affordable and appealing to mostly unsuspected buyers, that believe they got a deal for an aged or premium domain.

A recent exposure of such transactions ended up with the revelation that the three letter domain NWX.com has been stolen and was resold.

The discussion that ensued at NamePros exposed yet another stolen domain that was resold by the same thief: ECA.net.

An unsuspecting buyer acquired the domain; once the details of the seller’s reputation became known, he was contacted by the legitimate owner of ECA.net who has managed the domain for the past 20 years.

Domain investors are implored to move the management of their domains away from generic providers, such as AOL, Earthlink, Comcast, Yahoo and others; millions upon millions of email addresses have been compromised over the years.

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