How to efficiently report a Domain theft for media coverage

Warning: Stolen domains.

Warning: Stolen domains.

On a daily basis, we receive numerous tips through the “Share a domain tip” widget at the bottom right of your screen.

Some tips are about domain thefts, hijackings or other issues related to domain ownership.

While it’s convenient to use the “tips” button to report a domain theft, we actually need more data from you.

Here is a quick guide about how to report a domain theft or other such issue to us for media coverage and publication:

  • Use email. Our contact info is in the About Us page. Type the email in by hand! Or send us a letter, if you prefer.
  • Be very clear about granting us the right to use the provided info. If you have a privacy disclaimer signature at your email, we cannot use the info you provide without explicit consent.
  • Describe the theft on a timeline: When it happened, when you found out, which domain(s) are involved, which registrar, who did you contact etc. Details make a big difference.
  • Define your monetary loss: How much is the domain valued at, is it related to an active business, are you losing money every day it’s not under your control, etc.
  • Be patient. We aren’t online 24/7 and it might take a while for an article to be published, after we examine all the facts.

Exposing a domain theft, as we did about the stolen domain name, can assist with the process of reclaiming it.

We don’t perform miracles, but we let thousands of people learn about your domain loss, and usually domain registrars listen to what we talk about.

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