GoDaddy yanks formerly stolen domain back from Ename!


Rod Seeber, Australian domain investor –

Last December, we covered the brazen theft of the domain from a GoDaddy account. The domain was transferred unlawfully to the Chinese domain registrar, Ename and despite GoDaddy’s requests, Ename refused to return it.

Its Australian registrant, domain investor Rod Seeber, reached out to us back then for assistance with exposing the theft, and then again today with a splendid update.

Here’s Rod’s response, unedited.

“I am very pleased to announce the return of the domain name !

This makes for a great weekend and a bit of faith restored, i am grateful for your help in this matter and the ongoing work you are doing in this situation (domain theft) I really do believe that being as public as possible was a big part of the correct decision being made by Verisgn.

You have no doubt played a big part in the return of my domain name and I am very grateful for your support and help to domain industry! I do not think that eName had a choice and that perhaps Verisign simply took the name back? (not sure how it all worked?)

The Name is currently locked and it is a little bitter sweet to think that the common sense thing is transfer it as soon as the 90 day lock is lifted. I have sent them my thanks but did also mention this all could have avoided if they had a better security system in place. But for now it’s a great weekend and I will enjoy a few beers and simply be happy that justice has been done.

I think you might mention in a positive manner that Godaddy did support and achieve a great result for their customer ( I would be grateful if you do that)

Once again I do thank you for all your ongoing work with all this and wish you a great weekend! I will have a beer on your behalf! Many thanks again!”

Rod, that’s splendid news. Have a beer on behalf of the entire domain community, that comes together to expose domain theft and assists to the eradication of crime.

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3 Responses to “GoDaddy yanks formerly stolen domain back from Ename!”
  1. Rod.Tv says:

    Hey you got the pic with the Elvis glasses! ………Many thanks to all again !

  2. Rod.Tv says:

    The final chapter ………# stolendomains Dear Santa My Domain Name Has Been Stolen .. Part Three!: via @YouTube #cybercrime

  3. Nazih says:

    Same story as the rest, my domain stolen from godaddy moved to ENAME and everybody now on the net talk about domaingang helping more then anybody else. Please let me know what I can do? Do I have to post somewhere on your site? And in a specific way? I thank you for any help you can give me.
    Can not believe this ENAME still accredited from ICANN’s and why godaddy still allow easy transfer to ENAME ???????

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