stolen : Randstad domain property turns up for sale at Flippa!, a domain registered in 1990 and a Randstad property, has miraculously turned up for sale at Flippa.

The Thailand-located seller, whose account was registered with Flippa yesterday, is using the photo of a Siemens award recipient, Kensen Shi, for his profile.

We’d like to believe, that an aged corporate LLL .com that has been actively forwarded to the Randstad human resources department is somehow being peddled at Flippa with a $4,995 reserve – but it’s obvious that the domain is stolen.

The domain thief most likely compromised the email account associated with the domain, and took control of it, along with another domain of high value,

The theft most likely occurred in late June; both domains are with eNom.

If you are approached to acquire either or, please note that they are stolen domains and the property of Randstad.

Hat tip: NamePros user, TrueDN.

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2 Responses to “ stolen : Randstad domain property turns up for sale at Flippa!”
  1. Dn Ebook says:

    Have flippa acted on this listing yet

  2. DomainGang says:

    Dn Ebook – Flippa has suspended the seller.

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