NameCheap promo for .US domains seeded spammer’s domain portfolio

Phuck all spammers.

An unscrupulous spammer, blasting millions of emails daily, is using cheap .US registrations at NameCheap for his mass spamming.

When domain registrars offer domain registrations below the $1 dollar threshold, spammers reap the benefits.

Hiding behind a Cloudflare proxy DNS, the cybercriminals are using hosts in Russia, Estonia and elsewhere.

Just like in the case of dot .TOP domains, cheap domain registrations enable spammers to proliferate.

NameCheap should clean up house, particularly when it can audit the purchases made by the same account using other, fake WHOIS info.

For the time being, here is a list of .US domains used in this spam campaign, all of them registered on January 2nd:

Here is a list of other .US domains, presumably utilized in a former spam campaign, under the same account:

Many thanks to DomainTools for providing an indispensable domain research tool analyzing domain ownership, in order to combat cybercrime.

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