No, the FBI won’t be holding onto seized #domains forever

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is doing an excellent job shutting down web sites that promote scams or assist crime. Many of these domains associated with the active web sites sell knock-offs.

In other cases, the FBI seized domains associated with sex crimes and prostitution.

Over the course of the past two decades, hundreds if not thousands of domains were taken offline.

It is not clear who pays for the renewals of seized domain names. It seems as if they are renewed at Registry level, and are silently kept in the same status for years.

But the FBI won’t be holding onto such seized domains forever, it seems.

In recent days, dozens of seized domains are being moved to a suspended status known as “redemption period.” What follows this state is the deletion of the domain within 5 days.

Here’s a list of seized domains that were recently moved to redemption status from the FBI cache:

There’s no doubt that once deleted, some of these domains will be re-registered, despite their involvement in criminal activities, such as digital piracy.

Would you register any of these previously seized domain names? We hope not!

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