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#Oreux : Your #domain drop might have been used in #cybercrime

When you pick domain names that dropped via snap services, such as DropCatch, SnapNames and the like, make sure you research their past.

Quite often, domains are used for nefarious purposes, such as cyberattacks, phishing attacks and other cybercrime.

The obvious method is to see past instances of the domain in Google, and past content at Archive.org and Screenshots.com.

In many cases, domains that are re-registered after a drop, can be repossessed by the authorities, such as the FBI, in order to protect live activity that might still be ongoing. For example, botnets used in cyberattacks are usually tackled by nullying the nameservers (DNS) of the domains involved.

An interesting case shared by a NamePros member, details how his domain Oreux.com was registered after it dropped, and then was seized by the authorities.

Looks like the domain was used in some kind of cyber attack and they have seized around 800.000 domains. Nobody has told me anything about it and I still have access to everything in the control panel, the only issue is that control panel doesn’t have control over everything.

Looks like one of my domains was used in some kind of cyber attacks or something like that. The domain oreux in king, was a hand reg from a year ago and I wanted to transfer it to another registrar. The transfer failed because the domain was locked. I’ve double checked with my registrar, and everything showed fine in the control panel, domain unlocked and the nameservers where ns1.undeveloped.com, but when I did a whois check, the domain was transfer prohibited and the nameservers were something like:

For details about this case, head over to NamePros.

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