Phriday phuckers : DOPA spam continues to arrive!

Phuck all spammers.

Phuck all spammers.

After a break of several months, DOPAthat claims to be offering competitive domain monetization services – delivered more of their usual spam.

Despite being made aware of their spammy practices via numerous DomainGang posts, sends more spam to email addresses harvested from the WHOIS of domains.

In the latest email, Liz Chen of DOPA sends this incredible justification for contacting us:

“This is Liz from DOPA, a domain parking service provider.

 I ‘m writting this to tell you that your parking page is not working in China, which causes a huge waste of Chinese traffic.  Since our landing page works very well no matter in China or outside of China, we can help you make a full use of your traffic and get max revenue. 

Of course, you can have an actual test before the cooperation.  If you have any question, please feel free to contact me.”

We are actively blocking Chinese IP ranges from our network, thanks to spam and other attacks in the past. This gives no reason to spammers like to send us unsolicited emails for their junk.

Liz Chen, here’s an actual test before the “cooperation” : Fuck off and never email us ever again.

Liz Chen is CC’ing a “Thomas” at We’d like to find out who is this individual’s name and function at and why he approves of this spamming crap.

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