Poor.com just sold for only $1,200 at #NamePros but it’s definitely a scam

The aged domain Poor.com was listed for sale at NamePros, with a BIN of $1,200 dollars.

Its seller, account “LookMan19,” listed the domain for sale for only 3 hours.

Answering questions by NamePros members, he insisted the domain for sale is not an IDN, or anything other than Poor.com.

Registered in 1995, Poor.com appears not to be listed for sale legitimately. Domain broker, James Booth, stated he knows the real seller, whose asking price at a minimum is a not so poor $60,000 dollars.

Currently, the sales thread of Poor.com at NamePros has been locked, as the moderators were alerted to the listing’s legitimacy.

If you receive offers to acquire this domain, be very cautious at this time.

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