Reclaimed domain : has been returned to its legitimate owner


We have received information that the formerly stolen domain has now been returned to its legitimate owner.

Less than a week after we reported the domain theft by a Russian cybercriminal, is back in the hands of its owner, who registered the domain in 1998.

It’s definitely an ironic twist to the story, that after holding the domain hostage at a Russian registrar, returned to GoDaddy, potentially via a sale facilitated by the thief. GoDaddy examined all the evidence provided and restored the domain’s ownership.

The owner has posted a Thank You message:

“The January 12nd 2016 a Russian hacked our registrar account, changed the password, delocked and transfered the domain to Since he didn’t change the dns, our website and services were ok. We only noticed this, the March 19th 2016. Today, March 29th 2016, we have our domain back !! “

We are thrilled that is no longer a stolen asset and it will continue to serve the games console community for years to come. Special thanks to Joe Styler of GoDaddy for once again handling this case of domain theft expertly. has been reclaimed. has been reclaimed.

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