Recovered domain : is no longer stolen

ZFBot has been recovered. has been recovered.

Reclaiming a domain that has been stolen can be complicated; in the case of, the process involved GoDaddy and a Russian domain thief.

As we reported in June, was stolen from a GoDaddy account and was transferred to one of Russia’s largest registrars,

We can now report that is no longer stolen, as its owner confirmed that it was returned to his possession at

Incidents of domain theft have multiplied since 2014, when an ICANN-mandated confirmation process of email information, led to spoofing emails and spearfishing attacks against popular domain registrars.

Since then, GoDaddy has enabled the ability to use a two step authentication process, currently via SMS messages.

In the unfortunate event that a spoofed email steals one’s account credentials, the use of two factor authentication would stop the attack.

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