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Secure domain registrar : Cloudflare aims at the $5k per month crowd


Cloudflare launches secure domain registrar.

Large corporations protect their online assets with several layers of defense against attackers.

DNS spoofing, DDoS attacks, domain name hijacking and other types of cybercrime put corporate domains and web sites of high value at imminent risk.

Cloudflare is an online systems provider that for several years has been keeping attackers at a distance. They provide different types of DNS filtering and DDoS attack mitigation, and they’re now adding domain management services.

The latter, includes domain registration services, and Cloudflare is an ICANN accredited registrar.

According to Cloudflare, they will be targeting large corporations, the crowds that spend at least $5,000 dollars monthly on systems that must retain 100% uptime with no possibility of losing the functionality of their domains.

So this is not for the average domainer paying $10 dollars per year for their dot .com; the cost for the Cloudflare domain registrar services will be substantial.

As a secure domain registrar – at a price – Cloudflare will provide full domain locking, automatic domain renewals, and DNSSEC as well.

Domain name hijacking has increased globally since 2014, when a mandate by ICANN to confirm domain ownership via email, led to the requirement’s abuse by email phishing campaigns.

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