Seized #domains : Almost 500 “escort domains” move to sale and parking at GoDaddy

Almost 500 seized domains under the control of the US Marshals Service, a federal law enforcement agency in the United States, have been moved away from the typical parking page.

These domains were shut down almost two years ago and were with the Chinese domain registrar Aliyun.

No longer displaying a sign with a “this website has been seized” message, the domains have been transferred away from Aliyun and onto GoDaddy.

That transfer was somehow forced by the US Marshals Service, bringing the domains to a US based domain registrar, and was not a renewal. Most of these domains expire in 2021 and no extra year has been added to their lifespan due to the transfer from Aliyun to GoDaddy.

So the question is, are these domains monetized at GoDaddy such as or available for sale such as on behalf of the US Marshals Service?

Or is this an automated display of content due to their transfer to GoDaddy?

Here are the domains, still under the control of the US Marshals Service, that were transferred to GoDaddy:

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